Press Statement!!! Senate Committee did not propose creation of 20 New States Our attention has been drawn to a media report that the Senate Committee of Review of 1999 Constitution has proposed the creation of additional 20 States. The report is a gross misrepresentation of the decision of the committeeContinue Reading

By Ime Silas Every arrangement is near completion for the celebration of 20th anniversary of the inauguration of the Grand Council of Yoruba Youths in Lagos state, Southwest Nigeria. This was confirmed in a press statement issued today, August 6, by the Council and signed by the President-General, Comrade AWA Bamiji,Continue Reading

How Umana Umana Emerged Governorship Candidate In August 2014, 22 Chapter chairmen and few members of the State Working Committee of the APC, Akwa Ibom State were arrogantly suspended from the party by the then State Chairman, Dr. Amadu Attai at the promptings, behest and unilateral instruction of Senator JohnContinue Reading

A 21 years old man, Ekemini Otuakak Edet, who had admitted of taking part in the robbery of MI AMAN Pharmacy located at 44, Aka Nung Udoe Road, Uyo in Akwa Ibom State in March last year, has been sentenced to death by hanging. Edet, who hails from Oruko inContinue Reading