Sen. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe is the Senator representing Cross River North Senatorial District of Cross River State in the upper chamber of the Nigerian National Assembly, Abuja.

On the upcoming 2023 general elections, he said:

God gave me the grace to clinch the Senate Seat by CONQUEST not through Zoning. Some of those who fought against me and the Zoning to Ogoja, are now Crusaders of Zoning. You all forgot that Ogoja never had an opportunity of producing a Senator before I fought and emerged, against all odds.

Anyone who wants to be Governor of CRS in 2023, should get in to the field and prove his or her worth to the Electorates. That includes even the North of Cross River State. Power is not donated to anyone or group. I am not an ethnic jingoist but a crusader of good governance and effective representation. No one can have his cake and eat it. Let us get practical in the field.

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A puzzle: What if Sen Owan Enoh defeated Gov Ayade in 2019? What if Dr Etim Nyong defeated Gov Imoke in 2007 ? Let’s tell ourselves the truth- It had always been by CONQUEST, except in 2015, when Gov Imoke had to go out of his way, to limit the Aspirants for Governorship to the North of CRS, on the platform of PDP and other Political Parties followed that direction. In 2023, will people not run for the Senate Seat from other LGAs in Cross River North? Is it possible to limit participation to Ogoja LGA?

How many people stood with me against Gov Ayade, even when they all knew Ogoja had been deprived of the Senate Seat, since the advent of Democracy? Most contemporary politicians stood by Gov Ayade and tried to make a mockery of me, but for the intervention of God, using men of strong Will and Character.

Thanks to those who stood by me against all odds.
Let us all work hard and give our State the best, across Party lines and put a stop to divisive inclinations.

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Politics is a game of wits. Let us get competitive and allow the democratic Will of our People prevail.

Cross River North.