By Joseph Atainyang

As political players are steadily making their interests known with regards to the politics of 2023, a Frontline governorship aspirant, Mr James Iniama has announced his steady progress towards succeddiing Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State.

James Iniama is a former governorship candidate who contested against Chief Godswill Akpabio in 2007 under the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

Iniama who is currently a bigwig of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State, stated that he was working hard to gain popularity and take over from Governor Emmanuel in 2023.

Speaking with journalists in Uyo, James Iniama revealed that he has been on the field for over 12 months, consulting with relevant stakeholders and gaining support base for the contest.

He said the restoration of peace in the state by the current administration has made the state an attractive place for business oriented people, including him to invest their resources in the state.

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He explained that his governance philosophy would be woven around that industrialization template already set by both former Governor Victor Attah and the current administration of Mr Udom Emmanuel.

He cited projects like the Victor Attah International Airport, the Ibom Deep Seaport, the Ibom Science Park, the Akwa Ibom State University of Science and Technology, as well as the various Industries of Udom Emmanuel’s administration as a place to kick off his leadership.

James Iniama pointed out that the Ibom Free Trade Zone was already in the offing, adding that by the time he resumes office in 2023, he will blend the industrialization philosophies of Victor Attah and Udom Emmanuel to turn Akwa Ibom State into a heaven for all.

Iniama stressed that his tenure would revisit Attah’s economic concept and revive all extinct industries in the state to provide enormous job opportunities for the youths of the state.

He said, “I have spent more than 12 months consulting in the state. I will not invent the wheel of governance. We’ve had leaders that have laid the foundation. I will develop my governance template from the foundation laid by both Obong Victor Attah and Mr Udom Emmanuel.

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“Victor Attah established the growth poles of the state. That template is being steadily followed by Governor Udom Emmanuel. We now have Ibom Icon Hotel, a product of Attah’s vision. We now have Ibom Air. It is a manifestation of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s capacity to interpret the vision of Arc Victor Attah”, he posited.

The governorship hopeful stated that zoning must be sustained on the basis of senatorial rotation. He opposed a situation where selfish individuals suggest the truncation of rotation.

Iniama emphasized that Obong Akpan Isemin from Etinan Federal Constituency and Victor Attah from Uyo Federal Constituency had taken turns for the two planks of Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District.

He maintained that truth, fairness, equity and good conscience must prevail to allow the people of Itu-Ibiono Federal Constituency to complete the cycle of producing the governor in the district.

“We are a Christian State. We ought to be god-fearing, fair and just in all we do. We do not need a political campaign, neither do we need a town hall meeting to come to the conclusion that it is the turn of Itu-Ibiono within the Senatorial District to produce a governor.

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“We can’t cheat on others, while claiming to love God. That’s why we must be fair and just in this dispensation”, he reasoned.

While talking about the current political unrest in the country, Iniama supported the call for restructuring, devolution of power, state police and reflection of federal character in sharing of political offices.

Dispelling rumours that Nigeria would break, Iniama noted that such was not the will of God and called on those seeking secession to respect the wishes of other Nigerian citizens who do not wish to be part of their agitation.