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The Profile Newspaper is an all-interest news website. It started few years ago as a Weekly Local Tabloid in Akwa Ibom State and within a short time, enjoyed wide acceptability; growing to become a regional paper, covering the six states of south-south Nigeria.

Today, the online version www.theprofilenewspaper.com, which came as a result of constant demand from the growing list of our readers and subscribers within and outside our reach, has become a phenomenon. It has, within its short age, become a news source to many journalists and source of materials for writers and researchers.

Our Editorial Team comprises persons, whose years and experiences in the field of journalism have honed them, resulting in the uniqueness of their reportage as exemplified in the contents herein. In our bid to serve you with ‘news’ in its right sense and meaning, we dig deep to report issues, events and happenings, just as they are.

The idea, drive, vision and mission are unique. The newspaper itself is a PRO-duct of FIL-ing (as per honing) hence: THE PROFILE!

Our Editorial Team

The Editor-In-Chief, Ime Silas, has over the years, garnered his experiences through his services at different news mediums such as The Stakeholder Newspaper, where he had served as Columnist and later, Political Editor. He has also worked with The Pivot Newspaper as Editor as well as the popular Global Concord Newspaper, where he was the Monday Editor.

Other  writers, reporters and columnists include Nduke Udobong, Glory Eruka, Sanni Abdullahi, Jerry Francis, Mahmud Yusuf, Stephen Mboko, Dapo Olorumi, among others, who have proven their worth following years of experience in the field of journalism.

Our Mission

To practice journalism in tune with the classical tenets of investigating, informing, educating and entertaining; bridging the gap between the government and the governed through a proactive engagement of the leaders; assisting the masses in taking informed socio-economic and democratic cum political decision, thereby contributing effectively to the advancement of the society.

Our vision

We aim at influencing the global society where citizens can depend on information as the main tool for their day-to-day activities.

Contact us

The Profile Newspaper, Corporate Office: 5 Etop Essien Street, off Calabar Itu High-Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

e-mail: theprofilenewspaper@gmail.comeditor@theprofilenews.com

Tel: +234(0) 7068241903