**1.6 million palms planted by Egyptian Army

Egypt has Largest Palm Farm in the World, according to African Report File.
At the “Toshki” farm with a number of more than 2.3 million palms, 80% of them are finished.

The farm contributes to Egypt’s production of dates and the Egypt production of dates in the world reaches 18%.

Industrial area to serve farm is underway.
The farm has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest palm farm in the world.

The Egyptian army has finished planting 1.6 million palms in the “Toushki” farm out of the 2.5 million palms scheduled to be planted on the new farm on an area of approximately 40,000 acres.

As well as the previous period, the season of dates harvest on the farm has started, with 18 new varieties planted for the first time in Egypt. Out of 33 varieties of high economic value, their seedlings were brought from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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