All Progressives Congress (APC), AKS: Cutting our Nose to Spite our Face 

Uyo Senatorial District Patriots (USDP) is a group of seasoned an respectable Elders of Uyo Senatorial District in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Akwa Ibom State Chapter. The group was formed as a pressure group within the Party to protect the collective interest of Uyo Senatorial District in the Party. 

USDP is a very principled and disciplined group. A key position of the group concerning the shift of the office of State Governor to Uyo Senatorial District is to, without any bias and nepotistic consideration, pressurize the Party (APC) to deepen its internal democracy to open access and provide level playing ground to all Uyo Senatorial District aspirants contesting for the office. 

USDP notes with great concern the recent and on-going political pogrom within the APC in Akwa Ibom State.  Instead of consolidating on the positive gains achieved by the Mai Buni Caretaker leadership in strengthening the Party by attracting several key stakeholders from the major opposition party (PDP), that we want to wrestle power from in Akwa Ibom State, the leadership of the Party (APC) in the State is recently undertaking a brazen venture that seeks to deplete APC in Akwa Ibom State.

This unproductive antic is creating unwarranted and unnecessary tension among Party members and Stakeholders with the tacit support of a governorship aspirant of the Party in Akwa Ibom State, Sen. John James Akpanudoedehe, who is the  National Secretary of the National Caretaker/ Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee.

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USDP frowns seriously at the recent party life-threatening events that the actions and inactions of the State leadership of the APC and major stakeholders of the Party in the State have inflicted on the Party.   Such life threatening events include, but not limited to:

1. During the registration and revalidation of APC membership exercise in the State, several units, wards and Local governments were skewed and most potential members were not captured , all in attempts to favour this very ambitious person. When members complained and protested, the Party leadership in the State assuaged them by promising that an Appeal Committee will be sent from the National to listen to the avalanche of complaints brought forward by these members. Till date, the Appeal Committee has not come and the problems have not been addressed. 

2. Arising from the membership registration and revalidation problems in Akwa Ibom State APC, the leadership of the Party in the State also promised a reconciliation. They also promised to set up a broad-based reconciliation Committee as well as a Stakeholders’ meeting to address the issues.

This decision has since been jettisoned, thus allowing the breeding of grave animosity of aggrieved members. 

3. In appointing the recently planned Ward Congress Committees, it was shocking that the State Party ignored the inputs of Wards, Local Government Chapters’ Chairmen and most State Officers of the Party. Rather, the State Leadership, listed members of Udoedehe’s Support Group (USG), a governorship aspirant in the State, to conduct the elective Congress. 

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Membership Registers were not released or found to be used for accreditation that should guide/control the voting exercise. Also, the  list(s) of the Congress Officials was/were not published anywhere in the State Party Secretariat, Local Government /Chapter Offices, or Wards- Offices ,as demanded by the Congress guideline/ APC Constitution.

4. In a very selfish and ego-driven disposition, the leadership of the Party (APC) in Akwa Ibom State decided to suspend the Chapter and Ward Chairmen who summoned courage to demand that the right thing be done in order to build a strong Party that can  challenge the main opposition, PDP, in the general election come 2023 in the State. Election victory had always eluded the APC in the past due to similar disputations and greed-induced fragmentation.

5. The APC nationwide Ward Congress did not hold in Akwa Ibom State and there was no resolution  in Akwa Ibom State that the Congress would be  by consensus . In a meeting with the Congress Committee, the Congress Chairman, Alhaji Sheriff Banki, who, according to him, arrived the State with his team on Friday (30/7/21), and on the eve of the supposed Ward Congress, rushed to inform the scanty State Party stakeholders who waited from 11.00am till 3.30pm, that the ward Congress would be an Elective one.

The list of the Contestants to various positions were not screened, known, or pasted.  Those selected / appointed to conduct the Congress at various Wards and Local Governments were not published.

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The Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Party, Dr. Ita Udosen, also confirmed that the supposed Ward Congress will be  an Elective Congress and NOT CONSENSUS (electronic evidence abound). 

USDP is deeply worried and frowns seriously at the actions of the leadership of APC in Akwa Ibom State and their collaborators at the National level. Their actions can only weaken the Party in the State and our collective desire to make an appreciative outing in 2023 general Election. 

We therefore urge all contending parties in the current pogrom in our Party, the Akwa Ibom State APC, to immediately sheath their swords and return to status quo forthwith to avoid stepping on the Banana peels that is before us. The APC in Akwa Ibom State must not be seen as a PRIVATE ESTATE of any person, no matter how highly placed. 

All Sons/Daughters of Uyo Senatorial District aspiring to contest for the position of Governor of Akwa Ibom State in APC should be given equal opportunity to do so. 

United we stand, divided we fall. We sincerely, advise Dr Ita Udosen , the State Caretaker Chairman of APC, Akwa Ibom Stat, to please  uphold to the philosophy of this group which he is not just a member, but one of the initiators.

Pst. Usen Ebong 


Prof. Chris Ekong 

For and on behalf of Uyo Senatorial District Patriots (USDP)