A stakeholder in Akwa Ibom project, Mr. Michael Iseyen has called on the Akwa Ibom State Government to immediately place a ban on “illegal motor parks in Uyo Metropolis”, as  “the ever-growing menace of illegal motor parks in Uyo Metropolis has become a matter of great concern for residents and commuters alike”.

Mr. Iseyen made the call on Sunday through an article he wrote and sent to our newsroom. According to him, “these unauthorized areas, where motorists gather to pick up passengers, often cause traffic congestion, pose safety risks, and create a chaotic atmosphere in the city. Thus, the government must step in and take decisive measures to ban all illegal motor parks, while simultaneously providing a well-regulated alternative in the form of government-approved motor parks”.

The ace businessman cum politician is of the opinion that “Illegal motor parks are not subjected to any oversight or regulation, resulting in a lack of basic facilities such as proper lighting, security, parking spaces, and sanitation facilities. As a consequence, commuters are more vulnerable to criminal activities such as theft, harassment, and even assault.

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By banning these illegal parks, the government can ensure the safety and well-being of both commuters and motorists”, adding that ” unregulated motor parks become magnets for chaotic traffic, as they are often located in highly congested areas without proper infrastructure to accommodate the influx of vehicles. 

Consequently, motorists stop haphazardly on the roads, obstructing smooth traffic flow and causing unnecessary bottlenecks. By relocating motorists to government-approved motor parks, the government can significantly reduce traffic congestion, making commuting easier and more efficient for all”.

Viewing from the prism of a tourist, Iseyen argues that “Illegal motor parks contribute to the deterioration of the urban landscape and present an eyesore to residents and visitors. Unregulated activities within these parks often result in littering, noise pollution, and the unauthorized use of public space. 

Relocating motorists to government-approved motor parks will promote cleanliness, noise reduction, and orderly parking, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of Uyo Metropolis.” 

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He however called on the government to “streamline the Operations of motor parks for optimal Revenue Generation.”

 His words: “Government-approved motor parks can be properly managed, ensuring orderliness and adherence to established regulations. This would allow for the effective collection of appropriate fees, taxes, and levies, thereby generating revenue for the government. These funds can then be reinvested into infrastructure development, maintenance of motor parks, and overall urban planning initiatives.”

Iseyen however admitted that government alone can’t put a stop to illegal motor parks in Uyo Metropolis, therefore, he called for collaboration between the Government and the stakeholders”, reasoning that “to successfully ban and relocate motorists from illegal motor parks, it is essential to collaborate with relevant stakeholders such as transport unions, market associations, and community leaders. 

Engaging in open dialogue, providing incentives, and ensuring the seamless transition of motorists from illegal to government-approved motor parks will foster support and cooperation among key stakeholders.” He called on the State Governor to “take swift and decisive action to address this pressing issue”, and to  “prioritize the welfare of the citizens, and create a more prosperous and sustainable urban environment”.

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