By Ime Silas

The State Secretary of the APC National Youth Caucus, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Imo Akpan, Esq, has reiterated that no state branch of the organization can be operated like a one man show, where just one person is the State Chairman, Secretary, Publicity Secretary, and so forth.
This was part of the excerpts during the Youth Caucus Scribe’s chat with the Passion FM radio, Uyo, today.

Imo Akpan, who insisted that the ousted State Chairman, Iniobong John, popularly called Ini Emu, remained suspended, however noted that he was not surprised at the former chairman’s media rantings, likening same to idiomatic snake whose head is cut off.

“When you have a snake whose head has been cut off, you’re going to have increased activities with the other part of the body.
“They said they are going to sit in Aqua Resort, well  I don’t know if there is such a Hotel still in existing, last I checked, the place is a construction site”

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While faulting Ini John’s claims to have suspended some stakeholders of the Caucus, the lawyer said: “The erstwhile Chairman was on radio few days ago and he made all manner of allegations and claims, he said he was calling for a world Press Conference and I’m sure your studio was invited. The conference never held. Assuming it did, maybe in his parlour, we are expecting the outcome of it to be published in public.

“The sacked chairman also claimed to have set up a panel that supposedly suspended everybody whom he felt was masterminding his misfortunes and that’s how my name was featured, in fact, I saw a poorly scripted letter of suspension and another appointing a panel on social media.

The letter was even unsigned, and I wondered as a lawyer that have been on this business for about 17 years, why an adult will not know the legal effect of an unsigned letter that is meant to confer an appointment on another. So, it’s a waste of time. Coincidentally, that panel never sat, I never took it seriously and I don’t think anybody would” 

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“The Caucus is Not an organization for just anyone who doesn’t seem to understand the weight of legalities and the consequences of illegalities, most especially its leadership. Majority of members are therefore very wary of the incompetence and unscrupulous nature of Mr Iniobong John as their leader.

We therefore insist on his stepping aside. It should be emphasized that no one is above the law, and we cannot afford to have one person hold an entire group hostage”