…lampoon Govt House Media Unit, others for alleged defaults

The Coalition of Aboriginal Coastal Local Government Areas of Ikot Abasi, Mkpat Enin, Onna, Eket and Esit Eket has warned that the violation of Akwa Ibom State Map Establishment Law 2023, is criminal, offensive and unacceptable.

In a Communique signed by Dr Samuel Udonsak, Prof Etie Ben Akpan, for Eket, Dr Michael J. Eyo, Hon (Barr) Bassey Dan-Abia, for Esit Eket, Hon (Barr) Uwem Ekanem, Hon (Dr) Akpan Micah Umoh, for Ikot Abasi, Rt Hon Patrick Ifon, Ntiense Mbosoh, for Onna and Dr Imowo Udobia, Innocent Clement Idem for Mkpat Enin, the Coalition noted with dismay the recent flagrant violation of the Akwa Ibom State Map Law by the Media Unit of Government, describing it as a serious aberration of the law.

“We note the use of a bizarre picturesque purported to be the Map of Akwa Ibom State by the Government Media Unit in publishing His Excellency, the Governor’s ongoing Arise Agenda sensitization programmes, in fragrant violation of the Akwa Ibom State Map Establishment Law 2023. The Coalition finds this offensive and unacceptable”, the Communique read.

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“The Coalition is reminded of a similar faux pass by the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State ridiculously and haplessly claiming ignorant of the law when she presented a caricature picture of the Map of Akwa Ibom State to visiting World Bank officials”,

“Only recently, the Commissioner for Lands did not have a good knowledge of the Map Law such that he could not attest to an illegal mining site that was in Eket Local Government Area”, the release stated.

The Coalition stated that there is no doubt or controversy whatsoever on the Akwa Ibom State Map Enactment Law 2023, adding that the Map Establishment Law birthed the first ever Map of Akwa Ibom State, consistent with historical antecedents and extant judicial pronouncements.

“No court of law has said otherwise, therefore, the law is valid, subsisting, binding, and should be obeyed”,

“The Coalition holds Government of Akwa Ibom State responsible for the full implementation of the Akwa Ibom State Map Establishment Law, and, also deems it the responsibility of the government to determine and sanction all breaches of the Akwa Ibom State Map Establishment Law 2023”, the Communique stated.

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The Coalition frowns at the general tardiness surrounding the implementation of the Map Law, particularly that, defaulters are not met with adequate and appropriate consequences to show greater commitment and responsibility to upholding and defending its laws.

“Finally, we call on the Government of Akwa Ibom State to be committed to doing what is right, fair, and just. For a prosperous and peaceful Akwa Ibom State can only be built on equity, justice, fair play and the rule of law”, it stated.

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