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The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor has finally accepted to take the boy child put to birth by Miss Imaobong Loveth Sunday, according to the Port Harcourt-based Pastor, “as my own”.

Recall that Miss Imaobong Loveth had caused serious internet stir in a video last month wherein she accused the G.O of putting her in a family way.

Miss Imaobong Loveth had claimed that while she was living with Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor, the Pastor had canal knowledge of her which resulted in pregnancy. She claimed in her video which had gone viral that the G.O initially gave her some money, but said that he denied paternity of the child she had put to birth.

Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor had denied having any affair with Miss Imaobong Loveth Sunday, averring that he was being blackmailed.

But in a recent video of an interview which the philanthropist Pastor granted, he accepted to take Miss Imaobong Loveth’s son as his, promising to take care of the boy as he did to other children. 

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Apostle Chibuzor said he was unhappy over the allegations by Miss Imaobong Loveth but said he has forgiven her.

He said “I felt so shocked and unhappy over the allegations of Miss Imaobong loveth Sunday, Only God knows how I have been supportive of her, and I can’t say much.”

“I have forgiven her and I have agreed to take in that child as my own and also shoulder his responsibility. Please tell Loveth to bring the child for me.”

Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor promised to open bank accounts of different currencies for the boy, amongst other things.

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