…..plans to infiltrate database, recruit ex-militants uncovered

A Bini Socio-cultural organisation, The Bini Renaissance, has accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, of plotting to discredit the electoral body, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and accuse the Nigerian Police of bias.

Besides, the group said PDP is also plotting to infiltrate INEC’s data base with supporters while recruiting ex-militants from Niger-Delta and other surrounding states as part of plans to manipulate the outcome of the Edo Governorship election.

In a statement released today by its publicity secretary, Mr. Timothy Omofuma, the group alleged that the “jittery PDP” is moving ahead with a plan to harm the reputation of INEC and the Police with premeditated and sponsored breaches in the bodies’ servers and other operational processes.

This, the group said, is to lay the groundwork for excuses and contentions when the PDP eventually loses the election on the 19th of September.

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The statement read: “Information arriving from multiple reliable sources have confirmed a plan already under execution by the jittery People’s Democratic Party against the September 19 Edo State Gubernatorial elections.”

“The leading part of the plan is to discredit the national bodies pertinent for the observation and execution of the electoral processes. The Independent National Electoral Commission and the Nigerian Police are the two bodies primarily targeted by the PDP.”

“Part of this plan can be seen in the hopeless video shot and circulated by one of their propagandists, Reno Omokri. The ultimate goal is to, before the public eyes, tarnish the image and independence of theses bodies so that when their comprehensive defeat eventually occurs, they can make empty claims at rigging and violence instigated by them instead of conceding.”

“At present, we have been reliably told that the PDP is sharpening its fangs of violence using the same machinery deployed to wreck terror in the heart of this country for 16 years.”

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“Led by Governor Wike, who has a reputation for instigating violence, the PDP is mobilizing ex-militants from various states, fully funding them, and equipping them against the coming Edo elections.”

“They are also seeking a back-door entry into the database of INEC where they plan to plant their mobilized agents from Delta State and other neighboring PDP states.”

“We seek to draw the attention of the INEC, the Nigerian Police, the good hearted people of Nigeria and all other agencies directly and indirectly affected by this nefarious plot by the PDP to be watchful and to be proactive in forestalling this coming chaos being planned by the PDP.”

“It is shameful that instead of putting its house in order and showing the supposed good works of their emergency candidate, the PDP is already displaying the signs and desperation of sore losers with dangerous and irresponsible defeatist plots”.