Things you should know about the 21 storey building that collapsed few days ago in Ikoyi, Lagos State of Nigeria.

*The now collapsed building was owned by a Nigerian Billionaire, Femi Osibona.

*Each apartment was 4 bedroom flat, and costed from $1.2M and above.

*Penthouse house was $5m.

*Some features in the building included: Gym, Swimming, Open door recreation with outdoor television, etc.

*The building was 80% completed.

*The building was scheduled to be completed 2022.

*65% of the flats was sold out already.

*The original building plan was 15 storey but 6 extra layers were added against the building initial architectural plan design.

*The owner of the building had resisted/prevented supervising officials from carrying out checks on it in 2020.

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