LAGOS:Things you think are legal but illegal —Timi Agbaje

“Things you think are legal but are illegal, smoking cigarettes in a public place (libraries, public toilets, hospitals, public transport, cinemas, restaurants, etc.) in Lagos State is an offense’’.

‘’Smoking cigarettes inside your private vehicle when more than one person is inside is also an offence in Lagos State’’

‘’These offenses are punishable by a fine of not less than 10,000 naira or not more than 15,000 naira, or imprisonment of not less than one month or not more than three months, or any punishment the judge deems fit.’’

‘’If you’re a second offender, the fine is 50,000 naira or six months in jail.’’

‘’ If you are the owner or occupier of a public place, for example, a hotel owner, and you fail to display a ‘no smoking’ area sign in that place or space, you commit an offense, and upon conviction, you are liable to a 100,000 naira fine or six months’ imprisonment, or both.’’

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‘’If you smoke in the presence of a child in Lagos State in a way that causes injury or smoke to enter the child’s body, you commit an offense, punishable with a 15,000 naira fine or one month’s imprisonment, or both.’’

Agbaja further said, “To answer the question in your mind, where can one legally smoke cigarettes in Lagos?” In your house without a child being present.

‘’A child is anybody below the age of 18; otherwise, as you are extending your hand to light that cigarette, two portions of rice.”