The impact on male and female gender equality is the state of equal ease of access to resources, opportunities and decisions, as well as  value. Gender equality is a fundamental human right.

Yet, despite progress, women sometimes do not give listening ears when issue involving a male child is in discourse. In a true gender measure, there should be no bias. But, there are certain undermining of our social fabric and values of male children by some women. A case study has just happened in Akwa Ibom state.

In April this year, a job seeker, Miss Iniubong Umoren was gruesomely murdered by the opposite gender. Most Akwa Ibom person had one thing or the other to say in condemnation of the gruesome murder. The Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr. Ini Adiakpan, even took to the streets of Uyo in Akwa Ibom state, leading a protest to demand for justice for the slain Iniubong Umoren.

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Now, within a shortest length of time, EPHRAIM EDET OKON from Nsit Atai in the same Akwa Ibom, was also gruesomely murdered by an ungodly friend on the 12th of May, 2021.

The whole world was expecting the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare to also say something in this regard or also lead a protest to that effect. But that was not seen or done in favour of the 22 years old boy intentionally crushed to death by a supposed friend, one Mr. Akpaniko James with his recently purchased unregistered Lexus car, just because he never wanted to refund to Ephraim the N30, 000 he owed him.

Now the questions are: was Ephraim Edet Okon not born by a woman?

Is Ephraim not from Akwa Ibom?

Or, do we now seek justice on Feminism?

Or, is there a governmental policy or an order to ‘play down’ on this issue of Ephraim Edet Okon’s murder?

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All these and many more questions are what the Honourable Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare and the entire Ministry have to answer.

Finally, it is instructive to ponder on the popular Ibibio sayings that “Ema-eno aman-ayin ofong, yak eyung eno Ada o” and, “kpa nte enamde eno lsreal, yak enyung enam eno mme Gentile”.



  1. It’s sad that some people are really quiet about this issue. The George’s have buried Ephriam Edet,but we still want justice for Ephriam. We are not going to be quiet untill we get justice for him .I pray the right eyes see this and the right ears hear this.

  2. We want justice for our brother… We aren’t gonna stop pushing until he gets one,where is our right to life ? When another human can kill another… And still go free and leave a a normal apkaniko should be behind bars for life. He doesn’t deserve a free life 😭😭😭
    # justice for u Ephraim .

  3. Please we still need justice for our brother and friend Ephraim George. He was buried on the 29th of last month and nothing has been done up till today. His killer can’t go unpunished, Akpaniko has committed so many crimes even before now. Please help us in getting justice for him(Ephraim George). Thank you

  4. It’s nearly impossible to find educated
    people for this topic, but you seem like
    you know what you’re talking about!

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