If you ever get lost in Lagos, just find your way to Oshodi, Berger, Ojota, Iddo or Jibowu, from these places, you can even get a bus going to Jerusalem.

In Ibadan find a bus to Iwo Road. From there, choose anywhere you are going on earth.

In Kaduna, just ask of Central Market (Kazuwa/Kasuwa – depending on your tongue), from there, you can take a bus to Jamaica.

In Abuja, find your way to Berger Roundabout, from there, ask for anywhere on earth. You will get a bus going there.

In Onitsha, just go to Upper Iweka (pronounced as Oppy Iweka). You can even get a bus directly to Singapore.

In Calabar, simply find your way to Etim Edem Park, you can get to Iceland in seconds from there!

In Enugu, find your way to Holy Ghost Old Park. From there, even angels can take you to your destiny.

In Kano, find your way to New Road or Sabongari. You can take direct bus to Iraq from there.

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In Port Harcourt, just find your way to Rumuola, Garrison, Mile 1, Lagos, Rumuokoro Roundabout or Waterlines. Even where planes cannot reach, you will get buses that go there from those places mentioned.

In Ilorin, find your way to Post Office or Taiwo Road. You can from these places enter Malaysia

In Benin, find your way to Ringroad, New Benin, Iyaro or Oluku junction, you can get a bus that is heading to Italy directly.

In Yenagoa, just go to Tombia Roundabout, believe me the rest will be history.

In Lokoja, just find your way to Ganaja Junction, if you cannot find a bus going to where you are going in Ganaja Junction, then you are going nowhere.

In Uyo, take a minibus to Plaza, leave the rest of where you are going to the drivers.

In Jos, go to Terminus. From there, you can even get a bus to anywhere.

In Warri, find a bus to Effurun Roundabout or Enerhen Junction. From there you will smile to anywhere you are going to.

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In Agbor, find your way to Uromi Junction. The buses there can even take you to China without Visa.

In Owerri, just go to Control. They can even control you to your destiny.

Hilarious though, but true.

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