Reno Omokiri is protesting against PMB’s medical trip in London. He believes PMB should have done his medical checkup and treatment in Nigeria.

But Reno Omokiri is from Delta State. UK Just returned 15% of James Ibori’s loot amounting to N526b or more. Did Reno Omokiri protest or say a word? Did he protest in support of James Ibori’s trial in the UK? Perhaps he was amongst the people that said Delta State didn’t lose any money. He lost his voice and never said a word.

A fraction of N526b will build first class hospital in Delta State. A fraction of N526B will give Delta State Constant Electricity, good road network and establish small scale industries. From the stolen money, Delta State can build the best University in Nigeria.

As an Aide to President Jonathan as he then was, I would like to know how many health centers Reno Omokiri built or renovated in his community. How many Primary and Secondary school did he build or renovate in his community in Delta State?

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We are all Hypocrites. We lost our voices against our Governors, LGA Chairmen etc who are unabashedly embezzling our Federal allocation with brazing inpunity and ostentation. How many times have we protested against our Governors and LGA Chairmen?

PMB is not perfect but he’s not entirely our problem. We are only consumed and swallowed by bitterness, hate and bigotry against PMB and a section of this Country.

In 2023, PMB will leave Office but the hatred, bitterness and ethnic sentiment we are creating will live to hunt all of us.