A United State’s Mayor, Mr Mike Arnold, has urged the Federal Government to discountenance the allegation by Binance, a Cryptocurrency platform, that an unnamed Nigerian official demanded a $150 million bribe to frustrate the investigation and trial of the company’s executives.

Binance’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Richard Teng, on Tuesday, alleged that some persons in Nigeria bribe in digital currency to terminate the problems its officials has with then government.

Teng’s allegation came on the heels of the detention of the company’s Regional Manager for Africa, Mr Nadeem Anjarwalla, and Head of Financial Crime Compliance in Nigeria, Mr Tigran Gambaryan, on 28 February 2024 for foreign exchange manipulation and illegal operation in Nigeria.

“Given that we in the United States have our own experience with Binance, I am inclined to believe that this allegation is an attempt by the crypto exchange to escape the Nigerian charges,” the Mayor of Blanco, Texas, said in a statement.