It is laughable that the losers of the recent election for the Ikono/Ini House of Representatives seat would embark on a weak campaign of calumny against Rep. Emmanuel Ukpong-udo, the returning Reps member. Despite overwhelming evidence (some of which are attached here) that reveals the appalling schemes deployed by the Glory Edet Camp with the active connivance of compromised security agencies to scuttle the rerun elections in Itak, the sore loser went ahead to sponsor a fake story which fell flat in its attempt to point fingers at Ukpong-udo for their violent schemes.

The falsehood titled “Akwa Ibom Community fingers House of Reps Member, as INEC cancels Ikono/Ini rerun over violence,” – a shabbily-written story with no correlation to its unprofessional click-bait of a headline – first carried by, failed to resonate with the people who know the truth: the violence witnessed during the rerun could not have been sponsored by a man who was already in pole position to return to the Green Chamber having defeated Dr. Glory Edet by an unassailable margin of votes in 20 of the 21 Wards.

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Seeing that this their plan had failed, the disgruntled elements decided to further their evil plot by paying for wider coverage in other news outlets like, , and with similar headlines. Unfortunately, the people cannot be fooled because several eye-witnesses have named actual people connected to the PDP (Glory Edet’s party) in connivance with armed security personnel (whose legitimacy is yet to be determined) as being behind the heinous events of April 15 in Itak.

As the peaceful and law-abiding citizen he is, Rep. Emmanuel Ukpong-udo has been legitimately going through the motions and quietly observing the gradual unfolding of events leading up to his well-deserved reelection. Despite repeated intimidation and injustices meted out to him and his supporters throughout the electoral process, Rep. Ukpong-udo never resorted to violence. It is simply unthinkable that having successfully reached the finish line in his re-election race, Ukpong-udo would dabble into anything sinister. Every discerning mind knows this.

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