Of a truth, the holy scripture foretold in the book of Proverbs 29:2 that when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice. No better example, perfectly fulfills this biblical account than the Imo experience since the inception of the administration of His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma (Onwa Oyoko). It is no longer gain saying the fact that in spite of bringing human face to the business of governance in the state, Uzodimma has restored the confidence of our people in the activities of government. Onwa has brought back government to the door steps of our people. Unlike before, our projects are no longer on televisions, newspapers and billboards. It is now domiciled with the people!

While the opposition elements in its perennial frustration and sheer hopelessness has continued to constitute distractions against the Uzodimma led administration with unfounded and mischievous falsehood as well as various politically sponsored protests, our amiable governor, like an eagle on a cliff, has remained tenaciously focused and committed to the philosophical concept of his 3R mentra of Rehabilitation, Recontruction and Recovery.

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In spite of all these unwarranted provocations and destructive media propaganda against the person and government of Senator Uzodimma, the governor has continued to demonstrate his unparalleled administrative fecundity and unmatched political dexterity in piloting the affairs of the state. While those before him could not tolerate their predecessor, Uzodimma further endeared himself to the people of the state, by providing the enabling and condusive political environment for every one to pursue their individual aspiration, including those who during their era deployed state resources to prevent a former governor’s entry into the state. Of a truth, Hope is different. His level of political tolerance is unmatched.

It is worthy of note that while other state governors are still struggling to meet with demands of their offices due to the total dislocation of the economy as a result of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, our own governor has continued to break new grounds with quality development of critical infrastructure in the state. At every corner of the state, there is a visible evidence that finally our Hope is here. Beyond addressing the physical infrastructural needs of the state, Uzodimma has shown total commitment and determination of his administration to salvage the state from it’s eight years of near social distrust, economic morass and institutional collapse with far reaching reforms of all critical sectors of our economy.

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In practical fulfilment of his promises of a new Imo, Governor Uzodimma has commissioned various completed road projects in the state, prominent among them are Douglas Road, Oparanozie/Edede/Amaigbo streets, Thomas More, JP Ajaelu & Gozie Nwachukwu Road, Assumpta – Owerri/Port Harcourt Road/Ibari Ogwa.(4.5km dual carriage way, completed), Archdeacon Dennis Road, Aladinma, Lake Nwaebere – Aladinma Ring roads.

As we continue to pray for the governor, it is pertinent to state without fear of contradiction that Uzodimma has so far shown that a leader could be selfless. It is true that while those before him had preoccupied themselves with provocative of wealth grabbing, conversion of public properties to personal uses to the chagrin of our people, Uzodimma has remained decent and different from others. While it is on record and in public domain that Uzodimma’s predecessors within their first seven months had embarked on various degrees of senseless acquisition of new properties, reconstruction and rehabilitation of their existing private residences, Uzodimma has preoccupied himself with the provision of critical infrastructural development across the state.

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Yes, Uzodimma has never claimed to be a saint, and neither is there any here, but certainly Onwa has demonstrated in unambiguous terms that indeed, leadership is sacred, selfless and a call to serve others and not himself. While Uzodimma continues to blaze the uncharted trail, Imolites can be rest assured that our common patrimony will not find it’s way into the hands of family, in-laws, friends, cronies and legion of concubines as it was evident in the last 8 and half years.

Today, we are matching forward with Hope!