Says he should prepare for IKOT EKPENE SENATORIAL DISTRICT, come 2023

…PDP is coasting to victory in Nigeria

The Political Leader of Ikono Clan in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State and member, Akwa Ibom State Road/other Infrastructural Maintenance Agency, Rt. (Hon.) Uduot Jack is a star-studded politician and administrator par-excellence who knows his Onions as regards Loyalty and service to his people. Recently he spoke with a selected group of journalists, during which he applauded the PDP National Legal Adviser, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem as a Leader with the fear of God worthy of emulation coupled with his commitment to the party as observed in his giant’s strides in securing victory to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in legal battles. He also bares his mind on the recent appointment of Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel while congratulating those who made up the list.

EXCERPTS by Emmanuel Ufon

Your Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is gaining more grounds in the country, coasting to Victory in preparation to the 2023 general election by winning the Governorship seat in some state and some via legal battles what could you attribute to as the source of the victory?

Though I’m not in the right position to answer this question, I will try as a party faithful. You see politics is like a football game when you have the right team of players you can boast of delivering your candidates as a political party. Our party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at all point in time places emphasis on the best candidates that is the more reason we will continue to win and any attempts to truncate our victory we get the peoples mandate back at the court via legal battles, like what plays out at Bayelsa State and certainly we will win Edo State on the ground because Edo people are all out for us and come 2023 we will win the Presidential election because Nigerian have all seen the incapacitation on the part of the other party.

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You made mention of the two platforms of winning an election, on the ground and at the court, take us fully on that?

Like I said earlier that politics is like a football game that involves the right team players to ensure victory. For a party to deliver candidates both on the ground and anyway – the party structure must be firm enough at the unit, ward, state, and national level. I can boast that our party structures are firm enough that is why you see us winning both on the ground and via legal battles in most cases. Why we win on the ground is that we have a good rewarding system for those who vote us into power in terms of delivering the dividends of democracy to the people and also reward those who work for us in terms of political appointments, our umbrella is large enough to cover everybody – like what is happening in Akwa Ibom State currently my Governor and the leader of my party in my state, His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel appointed 155 Special Assistant to work with him in his second term Completion Agenda project. Come to think of why is he doing this in times like these? He is doing this because he is serious about governance, he has the interest of Akwa Ibomites at heart, he wants to finish well with legacy projects that are the reason why he involves more hands in his government. May I congratulate all those who made up the list, most especially those from my place, Etim Ekpo Local Government Area.

Take us on the Victory of your party in Bayelsa State at the court ?

The answer simply boils down to the fact that PDP chooses the right flag bearer for the election and moreover our party National Legal Adviser, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem is the man that knows his onions in the business of the law, he is serving the party diligently as a professional who knows his job, not only in Bayelsa, ever since he emerged as the party National Legal Adviser PDP have so far secure victory in most of our court cases.

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(cuts-in) And he is from your Local Government Area, what will you say about his political antecedent in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area and Akwa Ibom State?

Excellence!!! I have been saying and i will continue to say that Obong (Barr.) Emmanuel Enoidem is a man of excellent character, A man with the fear of God worthy of emulation, i had the opportunity to work closely under him in my local government area and i can attest to the contents of his character, he believes in Fairplay, Justice, and Equity. He had the opportunity to have had struggled for the Senatorial Seat of Akwa Ibom northwest (Ikot Ekpene) Senatorial District in 2019, but he said that Abak Five should give chance to Ikot Ekpene/Obot Akara/Essien Udim Federal Constituency to complete their tenure at the Senate. This time around nobody from Abak five will contest against him, Ikono Clan in Etim Ekpo will single-handedly buy his nomination form for him to contest for the 2023 senatorial election. Enoidem is a Godfearing Man indeed! He is not desperate for any political position, this time around we will send him to represent us at the National Assembly. Apart from party politics and appointed position, Enoidem have not smell elected position in Abak five and he is not desperate for anything, he is passionate about the welfare of his people. I know of one man who is nurturing that ambition to challenge Barr. Enoidem here in Etim Ekpo, we will not give him a chance to do that, Etim Ekpo will speak in one voice when the time comes, we will put that right to the understanding of all both the Women, Elders and the Students – the National Association of Nigerian Students are coming to pay me a courtesy visit, i will also put that right into their understanding, i thank God that majority of them are from Etim Ekpo including Comrade Etinyene Offongekpe from NANS ZONE B.

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You served in Etim Ekpo Local Government Council from 2012 to 2015, take us on your accounts of stewardship?

I don’t like to blow my trumpet, I allow my records to speak for me.

(Cuts-in) We mean your performance back then in council?

That is what I mean, but for your records, I tried my best in my tenure as the Chairman of Etim Ekpo Council in terms of infrastructural and human capacity development – I renovated the old council secretariat and also build a new secretariat with 2,500 seat capacity hall and
24 offices, completed, furnished, and commissioned.
We did not have a Perimeter fencing and I did that for the entire secretariat. I purchased utility vehicle to principals, staff – the council
secretary, vice chairman, and leader of the council.
I took up the building of health center at Ikpe Atai but I was unable to complete due to the expiration of my tenure in office.
Rural roads grading in Etim Ekpo was my core priority which I always embark on a monthly basis and Payment of committees allowance throughout my tenure
including the Construction of open market stalls at Eka Affiong and many
other places, that is all i can remember for now.