For months now, Akwa Ibom public space has been dotted with stories and conspiracy theories woven against the embattled Vice Chairman of Oruk Anam Local Government Area, Hon. Abasiama Etukpakpan who was first ‘impeached’ in March 2021 through a process the State House of Assembly recently described as illegal after thorough investigation and ordered for his immediate reinstatement.

But in a twist of event and defiance to the state legislature, Mr. Etukpakpan was again served with an error-infested impeachment notice upon resumption on Friday, in what public commentators consider an affront to the State House of Assembly and a desecration of democratic tenets masterminded by unseen forces who are bent on perpetuating such heist without recourse to the Local Government Administration law of the State.

While many continue to direct vitriolic jeers at the Leader of the Oruk Anam Legislative Council, Rt. Hon (Elder) Festus Sunday and some councillors over their role in the sinister plot urging the needed for councillors to be properly trained to understand their duties at the third-tier of government, other interested members of the public have sought to know the real mastermind of this plot who is drumming the beats of impunity and leaving Oruk Anam in a mire of crisis.

Over the weekend, top sources familiar with the matter but who preferred to remain anonymous traced the latest impeachment plot which has disclaimed by some councillors to Sampson Bernard Idiong who is dubbed the ‘Grand Commander’ of youths of Oruk Anam but now attempting to force the removal of Mr. Etukpakpan who falls within the age bracket of those he purportedly commands for reasons not clear to the public.

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Sampson Bernard Idiong is the younger brother to the Governor’s wife, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel. He is also an aide to the Governor and an aspirant for Oruk Anam State Constituency in 2023 under the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) as several sources claim that Mr. Idiong is one of the most influential figures in Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s administration who exploits his closeness to the helmsmen of Akwa Ibom State Government to perpetuate illegality, claiming to have the backing of the Governor and his wife.

While Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s stance against cultism widely known, it is rumoured that Mr. Idiong openly recruits cultist and arms criminal gangs to unleash terror against his opponents, describing the present Chairman of Oruk Anam Local Government Area, Hon. Kingsley Frank and Leader of Oruk Anam Legislative Council, Rt. Hon (Elder) Festus Sunday as his protege.

During the hearing at the State House of Assembly, gory details of how the March Impeachment notice was signed at the residence of the council chairman Hon. Kingsley Frank came to fore as Councillors explained some of them were oblivious of the document they signed with this source pointing that Hon. Frank and the leader of the legislative council, Mr. Sunday are merely acting out Mr. Idiong’s script.

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“The Chairman, Hon. Kingsley Frank is a known cultist in Port Harcourt with sordid records but was cleared to stand elections with the influence of the first lady, maybe we can start opening records now. Even the Leader of Council, Rt. Hon (Elder) Festus Sunday is a serial kidnapper who has been in crime for years in Port Harcourt too. So you can see the pact between the trio and the unnecessary ego-seeking trip. Surprisingly that the Chairman of Council, Hon. Kingsley Frank and Mr. Etukpakpan are both members of Holy Ghost Ambassadors Ministry pastored by Apostle Nyeneime Andy.

“One can imagine how the Chairman and Leader can engage in this lifestyle without Sampson Idiong’s knowledge and as one that personally handpicked both of them. Sampson is desperate for House of Assembly and has told people in confidence that Abasiama Etukpakpan won’t support his Assembly aspiration in 2023. Why has he not called the councillors to order? He is rather boasting that he will finance the councillors to do his bid and that he has the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey at his bake and call”, the source added.

Apart from personal vendetta, this particular source wondered how Hon. Abasiama Etukakpan who many consider as a neophyte in politics can be a threat to the Grand Commander. “Abasiama just started politics recently, so why is he bent on frustrating the young man? You claim Abasiama committed various offences but has Sampson told the world that the boy he brought him to replace Mr. Etukpakpan after the purported impeachment in March is also a known cultist and very diabolic? It is now clear that Sampson Idiong nominated him so he can control the entire local government structure but he was disappointed when the House of Assembly overturned the matter”, this source said.

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While the Oruk Anam Legislative Council claimed it first ‘impeached’ Mr. Etukpakpan over allegations of forgery, amongst others, it is also revealed that the real name of the Vice Chairman nominated to replace Mr. Etukpakpan is Etiutom Ediene but had to change his name to Goodnews Etiutom Ediene because of questionable records in Benin, Edo State. Unlike Mr. Etukpakpan, Ediene does not even have a certificate apart from his SSCE.

It is gathered that because of the embarrassing outcome of Mr. Etukpakpan’s impeachment saga, eminent young political leaders from Oruk Anam including the Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Management and Waste Management Agency, AKSEPWMA, Prince Ikim and the Chapter Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Hon. Nsikan Titus have since distanced themselves from the development while others condemn the needless fight against another young man who is trying to grow, urging the Governor and his wife to call Sampson Idiong to order.

Efforts to reach Mr. Idiong for comments were unsuccessful prior to the publication of this story.

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