Bisade Ologunde is a Nigerian Afrobeat musician, singer, songwriter, and percussionist. Born in Lagos. 1960, widely known as Lagbaja for his signature use of a mask that covers his identity. He adopted the name Lagbaja meaning “anonymous” or faceless in Yoruba. The name is Lagbaja reflected the style and choice of his stage attire – a slitted textile and rubber mask. So that the artist represented the common man, in keeping with the carnival tradition of the Yoruba people.

His music is a product of various influences ranging from traditional Yoruba music to jazz. Often his music is purely instrumental an interplay between traditional Yoruba percussion, drums, chants, and Western instruments, especially the saxophone. When there are lyrics, they are primarily singing in Yoruba, English, or a blend of the two.

In March 1997 Lagbaja established his club, Motherland at Opebi in the heart of Ikeja Lagos. Motherlan’s design was influenced by the traditional African town or village square where people gather under the moonlight for ceremonies and artistic events.


His songs entertain and also talk about social reform, and they include, Coolu Temper, 200 million mumu, Paradise, Konko Below, and Omo Jayejaye just to mention a few.

Lagbaja has class and has emerged at the forefront of contemporary African music, rich in the traditions of the continent while cosmopolitan in attitude and style.