…see list of debts and means of recovery

Your Landlord does not have any right to lock your Apartment, shop or Building because you are owing. Never.

Where a landlord wishes to recover his property from his tenant or his former tenant, the landlord MUST go to court. That a tenant is owing any rent or fee, or has refused to pack out and is arrogant is irrelevant. There is no debt, no matter how much and for how long or even the arrogance of the tenant that will warrant and justify the locking, closure or destruction of a tenant’s gate, door, padlock, chain, access point or any property whatsoever. There is no debt, fee or payment that is special and that can justify such illegality including unpaid rent, balance of rent, surcharges, overstay fee (mesne profit), caution fee, advertisement levy, association fee, estate fee, development levy, sanitation levy, electricity bill, water bill, security fee, monthly/yearly dues, infrastructure fee, service charge or any money, fee or item. Let me also add, that the wicked practise of removing roof of a tenant or cutting him off water or electricity supply is illegal and unlawful.

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There are several lawful means of recovering debt and property from a tenant. Just speak to a lawyer and avoid breaching the rights of a tenant in trying to use force, self-help or any illegal means. Avoid incurring law suits running into millions of Naira and way higher than the rent/debt sought to be recovered.

If your Landlord ever tries to lock your apartment, Feel free to arrest him and charge him to Court immediately and he will end up paying you for damages.

and he will respect you for knowing the law from that day.