Different strokes, they say are for different people. Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State represents different strokes for different people. To some, he is Mr. Project; to others, he is a tyrant and Czar; and to others, Wike is PDP and PDP is Wike. To APC, Wike is a formidable foe, the enemy collaborator and attack dog: to the Judiciary, he is a friendly lawyer and Governor; to Atiku, he is a dread; to Amaechi, he was a friend turned traitor; to Tambuwal, Wike is a brother and a friend; for the likes of my friend, Tom he is a father and hero and to Buhari, he is a complex personality.

The complexity in Nyesom Wike’s personality oftentimes exposes the other side of him; Wike “the Basket Mouth and Trouble Monger”. Like a loose cannon, Wike has been going about throwing tantrums and insults at APC leaders. He has persistently been in the news for trouble mongering and shooting. Perhaps, he would have been off my radar if he had stayed away and never strayed with his trouble to my domain to attack a Chieftain of APC and National Secretary of the Party, Senator John James Udoedehe (Ph.D).

A few months ago, Wike set his trouble arrow at Imo State where he fired on Governor Hope Uzodinma. Unprovoked and without course, Wike took a swipe at Senator Uzodinma mocking him for posing to take a photo-shoot with a group of Covid-19 Donors to the state who presented a cheque of N28Million to the Governor. Describing the donation of N28Million as a widow’s mite, Wike boasted that Rivers State does not receive N28Million from donors. Being a wiseman that he is, Governor Hope Uzodinma deflected Wike’s poisonous arrow without a word of retort.

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Not long ago, in the aftermath of the defection of Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State from the PDP to APC, Governor Wike, a self-styled PDP defender again set his venomous attack on Dave Umahi. Wike took both radio and National TV time to lambast and chastise Umahi for his actions, whereas heavens did not fall when a few weeks earlier, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State defected from APC to join the PDP where he was instantly given the Party’s ticket for the just concluded Edo governorship election. Governor Wike attempted to make a mountain out of a mould hill following Dave Umahi’s defection to APC. Irked by Wike’s abrasive conduct, Umahi was tempted to respond to Wike’s unwarranted outburst but later soft pedalled considering that he (Umahi) could not afford to waste Ebonyi lean resources on National TV time to air political gossips. Something that Wike, regrettably has the penchant for doing using Rivers people money.

A day before the Christmas 24th December precisely, Wike turned his bombardment on Akwa Ibom State firing on Senator John James Udoedehe (Ph.D), National Secretary, APC Caretaker Committee who had in a considerate and brotherly manner cautioned Governor Wike to be mindful of his public utterances some of which were considered reckless and unbecoming of his office as Governor. Wike had on national TV knocked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Government for insecurity in the country to which Senator Udoedehe countered that Wike was being economical with the truth positing that; as a Governor and member of the National Economic Council, Wike ought to know better contending that security was everybody’s business and not the exclusive preserve of the Federal government. He cautioned Wike not to play to the gallery because he cannot attain National political limelight through reckless utterances.

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Angered by Senator Udoedehe’s fair and harmless comments, Wike went berserk throwing caution to the wind, casting aspersions on the person of the Senator and calling his integrity as a Chieftain of APC to question. The attack on Senator Udoedehe by Governor Wike was a response taken too far. It is not surprising that such a response is coming from Governor Wike; a man known to suffer perennially from diarrhoea of the mouth. Incidentally, men like Governor Wike (who like the female folks given to much speaking) who have the capacity for much speaking also have the tendencies to tell lies. Even the Bible says so; “that where there is much speaking sin/untruth are found”.

Governor Wike lied when he told the press that Senator Udoedehe (Ph.D) supported and voted for the PDP in Akwa Ibom State during the 2019 general elections. How did he know who and which Party the Senator voted for? Do ballot papers have voter’s names imprinted on them through which he investigated and verified who Udoedehe voted for? Or did he conduct forensic analysis of the Senator’s thump print on the ballot papers (post elections) at his polling unit to ascertain who he voted for? It is unimaginable that Wike could have gone that length to arrive at the information he presented to the press.

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Talking about character; imagine a pot calling a kettle black. Who does not know that Governor Nyesom Wike is imbued with huge character deficit? Two prominent sons of Rivers State who served in his cabinet as Commissioners appeared live on National TV network to testify on Wike’s character deficit. What better testimonies than those who worked closely with the Rivers State tyrant.

Contrary to the admonition by Senator Udoedehe for Wike to cease to attack personalities and stick with issues, it is difficult to get Wike to restrain his ever-restive mouth to issues in discourse because of his flippant attitude and tendencies for loquacious speaking. Perhaps, that is why the Senator advised him to be mindful of playing to the gallery; for which Wike took offence.

Finally, who could be wooing this PDP loose cannon to the APC family? Senator Udoedehe figuratively mocked Wike’s claim as a bride being wooed by APC and challenged him to mention the suitors coming for him. And I ask; who will want to kiss this dangerous, treacherous and cantankerous bride? Amaechi’s dossier on the subject are enough lessons. BUYER/SUITOR BEWARE!

Edet Eyo Bassey is a former State Publicity Secretary, APC Akwa Ibom chapter. He writes from Uyo.

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