It was Albert Einstein, a German-born physicist who states that ‘only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile,’ and …a life of service to others is what truly brings meaning”. Life is all about impact. But not all lives are qualified to be described as impactful even when given the opportunity. Obonganwan Lovina Umoh Effah, the Eka Mbong in Akwa Ibom, and the First and the only Female ALGON Chairman in Akwa Ibom State belongs to the class of persons that deserve to be celebrated for her impactful life, and for eventfully depth-filled three scores on earth.

Born on February 12, 1961 into the royal family of Late Jackson Akpan Esin Ikperikpe Umoekong Iwat of Afaha Obio Enwang Itak, in Ikono Local Government Area, the young Lovina, learned moral disciplined and kindness from her upbringing. She got married to a business mogul and revered man of God, late Evangelist Okon Udo Umoh Effah of Ikot Idaha in Ikono Local Government Area. She attended Primary School, Afaha Obio Enwang Itak, Dikko Secondary Commercial School, Edem Idim Ibakasi, Ini LGA, and the University of Uyo, where she studied History and International Studies.

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Determined to offer equitable service to humanity, Obonganwan Lovina Effah ventured into politics at the very time politics was a daring adventure for women. Through her doggedness and determination, she became a pathfinder and a trailblazer for women in politics. She is the first PDP Chapter Woman Leader in Ikono, first Senatorial Woman Leader in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, and a major influence in the formation of Women in Politics, in Ikono – a platform she used to galvanized women’s involvement and participation in politics.

Obonganwan Lovina Effah is the first, and only two-term Transition Committee Chairman of  Ikono Local Government Area (2007 & 2011), the first and the only  Female ALGON Chairman in Akwa Ibom State, First female Campaign Coordinator, and Chapter Coordinator of Akwa Ibom Consolidation Alliance (ACA) in Ikono.  These, in addition to other political engagements, including Board Member State Technical Education Board, Board Member, Akwa Roads and other Infrastructure Maintenance Agency, and presently a Member of the Governing Council of Akwa Ibom State College of Science and Technology, Nung Ukim Ikono.


She is an activist, who believes strongly in the philosophy of realism, hard work, respect for constituted authorities, service to mankind, equality of women, and education for all. 

As a staunch member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star by birth, Obonganwan Effah has been a Chorister, where she served God until her ordinations into higher realm of services as Deaconess; followed by ordination as Senior Christ Servant; Blessed Mother; Christ Ambassador; Her Eminence; and currently State Mother Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Akwa Ibom State.

In all her stations of service, Obonganwan Effah distinguished herself creditably and demonstrated an extraordinary level of integrity, dedication, humility, passion, and the fear God. The sterling virtues of diligence, hard work, forthrightness, and compassion, with the spirit of excellence accelerated her to heights in her pursuit.  She is clothed with deep humility, and compassion for women, men, youths and elders in the society. She is a woman of consummate character, passionate and committed to impacting lives and contributing to the well-being of many in the society.

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Obonganwan Effah has used all her opportunities in public service to demonstrate that life is all about service, and has let her life lift many from of nothingness to great esteem. Her many achievements as Transition Chairman of Ikono Local Government speak volume and are stenciled in the political annals of the area.  Her uncommon and exceptional grace of mobilizing and galvanizing mass involvement in politics is second to none, and remains a mystery to be unraveled.

Mummy, you are indeed a blessing and a unique gift to humanity. At three-score, you have impacted many lives, turn boys to men and girls to women, give hope and succor to the women, and strengthened the elderlies. At 60, your life remains a beaming light, showing the way for us. At 60, you are a model, and a living epistle for us to read. We are proud of you.

Happy Birthday, our dear mother; – Her Eminence Obonganwan Lovina Umoh Effah.

©Effah Umoh Effah