Oyo State Government in it bid to provide a conducive atmosphere for all residents, have relocated street Beggers and destitutes exposed to various degrees of hazard and danger from major roads to Akinyele rehabilitation center.

The center has health facilities, mattress, water and food and other amenities for the care of the relocated persons.

The government in support of the Governor Seyi Makinde policy, is working to provide a safe environment for all without discrimination.

The center has commenced data capturing for the relocated persons which will be used for social work planning. The data will also be added to the overall identity management scheme will be shared with various agencies in order to provide security for all the residents of the center.

In order to sustain the process, the ministry of women affairs and social welfare staff will be trained to continue the process. Amongst other things at the center is vocational training and gradual re-intergration of the participants into their state of origin and Oyo State.