The Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has revealed why pastors are victims of untimely death.

Hear him: “When my body feel like resting, I let it rest. Somebody asked me, “Apostle, what time of the day do you sleep?” And I said, “When I feel sleepy.”

There is nothing like night or afternoon, when I just feel sleepy, I sleep. When I feel tired, I rest. There are many pastors who today are dead because they were busy attending to people not their health, and you must know that, Church don’t die, it is pastors that dies. When a man of God dies, church members will migrate to somewhere else.

“A man of God just passed on and people are still abusing him, even at his death, how devilish and evil people can be. He was not feeling fine for two days and he was still ministering to people, now these people are going to move on with their lives. If I’m not fine, I will never minister to anybody. This is why pastors are victims of untimely death. At a young age, a great man of God died and I’ve not say anything because I’m still shocked.

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I now discovered you can’t cheat nature. His death wasn’t an attack, it wasn’t Satan but he was not feeling fine and he ministered to people. Several times my wife will come into my office to force me to go home. Now, the man is gone, his wife is going to be a window; his children are fatherless and members will go somewhere else.

“As a pastor, you need to be very careful. The Bible says, “Don’t die before your time.” There are time to rest. I know you do all night prayer, they’re very important but you must be very careful, so that you don’t allow excess zeal waste your life.”

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  1. Very good/true talk Sir. Whoever that speaks evil against the man of God,even after his death should prepare for God’s judgement.

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