Babagana Umara Zulum (Born August 25, 1969, in Mafa Local Government Area of Borno State). He is a Nigerian Professor and Politician. He is the serving Governor of Borno State in the 2019 Governorship election under the platform of the All
Progressive Congress(APC).

His performance as a Commissioner forced his Governor to anoint him amongst the 21 candidates that contested his Party Primaries.

Zulum has the zeal the service, he has the courage to take harsh decisions, he has the intellect to lead but lack the political strength and the big pulse to win elections.

In 2 years he has proven to Nigerians there are no poor state in Nigeria but Poor Managers of Resources.

In 2 years he has proven to Nigerians The Constitution is not our problem but the intellectually lazy people we elect to lead us.

Since 1999 till date no governor including those that spent 8 years in office executed 400 Projects, yet Zulum executed 556 Projects in 2 years.

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While many state governors are swimming in Wild Elephant Projects to steal money, building Governor Lodges Zulum is building WORLD CLASS Primary Schools for the Children of the Poor.

While other Governors are planning to build state Airports in Deserts, Zulum is linking Villages by Roads for easy movement.

He is the only Governor in the history of this Country who 4 Assassination attempts were made on his life within 1 year by the Group Boko Haram. The more they try to kill him, the more he delivers People Oriented Programs.

The Killing Attempts:

His convoy was attacked by Boko Haram Insurgents on July 29, 2020 on Maiduguri-Damaturu highway. Five people were killed including three policemen.

On 26 September 2020, Zulum and his convoy were again attacked by Boko Haram near Lake Chad. At least 18 people were reportedly killed, including 14 police officers and soldiers and 4 civilians. The death toll was later updated to 30 as more bodies were found.

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Three days later, on the 29th, Zulum’s convoy noticed a donkey on the road and shot at it. After the donkey exploded, insurgents came out of hiding and fired at them. A number of insurgents were killed, whereas no one in the convoy was injured.

On 22 November, Convoy belonging to Zulum was attacked while he was traveling to meet with government officials in Baga. Seven soldiers and two civilians were killed in this ambush, but the governor was unhurt. His appointment was cancelled.

Zulum has proven there is no Religious Problem but Political Problems with Religious Agbada.

Borno is one of the States IF NOT the only State in NIGERIA that is not owing PENSIONERS.

My people, there is a ZULUM in all the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria. All we need is the Shettima that will discover them and put the interest of their people above their personal interest.

Come 2023, we must search for the ZULUMs in our Villages, Towns and Cities and send them to our State Houses of Assembly and the National Assembly

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