Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Peter Fayose has reacted to the body language of some Nigerians to go on the streets to protest if the results of the 2023 Presidential election do not favour their candidates.

Fayose who was speaking in an interview with TVC about the situation of the election, stated that the INEC result should not be questioned by Nigerians taking into the streets to engage in violence.

He pointed out that no politician is worth dying for in Nigeria. He alleged that politicians will only visit the homes of the deceased with no sympathy for the lost lives. According to him, it’s easy for people to move on easily after someone dies.

He said, ‘My message to Nigerians. Dear Nigerians, please don’t go and die for any politician. Don’t die for us, we are not worth dying for. The moment you die, we forget you immediately. Even the person that did well in this country, they don’t remember them. Politicians will come to your burial and shed crocodile tears and go to their house. Don’t go out and protest, be wise.”