Dear customers, this is to notify you that the FREE PREPAID METER PROMISED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in collaboration with our company has commenced. Many of our customers have been metered and in days to come, the roll out will be massive. As a result of this, we would not want anybody to take advantage of our customers to illegally enrich themselves, hence the need for you to know these:

  1. Prepaid meter application and installation is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Note that both givers and receivers are guilty. Do not give any money to any installer. Kindly take note of any number that calls you to request for money for installation. Call us immediately to report such person. If any installer asks you for money, simply call us immediately. We promise to get such a person or persons arrested and jailed.
  2. Management also observed that in the name of BUS BAR some people are being extorted. Please note that you will only need a BUS BAR if they will be installing multiple meters in your house and you are at liberty to get any electrician of your choice to buy and mount BUS BAR for you.
  3. On registered contractors, please note that NERC has reached an agreement with LECAN that henceforth, no registered contractor must collect more than #1,500 from anyone. Refuse to be extorted. I repeat, do not pay any contractor more than #1,500.
  4. Please note that our staff are contented and will not ask you for money in the name of prepaid meter but among 12, there could be a Judas, please report such Judas to us immediately and such person will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. As the massive roll out continues, our installers will be in many homes to install the FREEE PREPAID METER. Kindly note that it is compulsory. NERC has mandated that it is unlawful for any customers to refuse the METER.
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Thank you for your usual cooperation.