The good people of Kaduna State have consistently and constantly come across some kind of permutations, campaigns and promotions of some particular politicians whose names were seen going viral on different social media platforms been tagged by their various supporters as candidates for the Speakership of Kaduna State House of Assembly.

But for the generality of Kaduna residents, this is not the time or uppermost priority to point at a particular politician to emerge as Speaker of Kaduna State House of Assembly to lead other members of the legislative arm, instead, the Kaduna people have prioritized their ambition of having a good and God-fearing someone who would pave a right track for Distinguished Senator Uba Sani as Governor-Elect to succeed in his efforts to sustain Kaduna State 2023.

We, the good people of this great state, with our beautiful geographical area and the number of educated people living in the state, must work hand in hand to help our incoming Governor to have clean and blessed hands who will stand by him willingly in putting Kaduna first, which if all of us are after good governance will surely pray for in order to actualize it.

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However, APC as a party with leadership of 001 in Kaduna State; when searching for a capable hand to emerge as new speaker of Kaduna State House of Assembly should focus on bringing people with clean minds to make the list of principal officers, no matter what it takes to getting people with human sympathy and developmental agenda for our dear State, it’s high time to working very hard on setting our collective entity towards right direction.

Thus, there are politicians who have boys and they fill up all over social media platforms with campaigns and permutations and tactics that their candidates must be considered for the sensitive seat of Speakership, because they do believe that their masters and anointed candidates may bring them closer to the corridor of government and State cake easily wether their choice would favour the masses or not. As a concerned citizen of Kaduna State, from Kaduna Central Zone and of course precisely I hail from Giwa Local Government Area, my preferred candidate for Speakership shall insha Allah be the best person who will stand by Distinguished Senator Uba Sani in his known and popular charisma of putting his energy for the betterment and development of Kaduna State in order to be a better place for all.

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We must welcome and pray for a sound, sophisticated, knowledgeable and humbled speaker not a stubborn and headstrong speaker, visionless and ambitionless who doesn’t know anything apart from his unsatisfied stomach which there will be nothing to fill it up except soil (dust).

Conclusively, Kaduna State people’s prayers, priority, hope and demand is to have a speaker whose qualities and competency, gentleness and love for Kaduna State and Its people will always push him to the idea of sustain Kaduna 2023, the man we will see having good terms and pleasantries with Distinguished Senator Uba Sani not for their personal interest but for the interest of our state and our people in different ways.

Finally, let everyone understand my point here that, please I’m not against your candidate but I’m against the installation of a bad speaker who after swearing in will turn against good policies of Distinguished Senator Uba Sani that have to do with sustain Kaduna 2023 or even fighting the governor himself. God forbid such to happen!

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Muhammad Kabeer Usman Kakangi writes from Giwa Local Government, Kaduna State