Retired NBA star Stephen Jackson walked away from his marriage to his fiancée, Imani Showalter, after she refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement, is a legal document that two people sign before getting married, mostly for the rich to protect their wealth. He is worth over $20 million dollars in cash, with businesses,properties and exotic cars and wants his hard earned wealth protected before getting married.
Many stars have lost their hard earned wealth to the women that they married through divorce.

Its purpose is to specify the division of assets and debts in the event of a divorce or separation. It can also address other issues such as spousal support and the rights of each partner during the marriage.

The basketball player revealed that the two had previously agreed that they would have a prenup. However, when they received the document, she mischievously delayed signing it.

“A month passed, two months before the wedding, I’m like we need to get that prenup signed, so when we get down there to Houston, we ain’t gotta worry about it. I told her that like two or three times.”

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Jackson also said that She had another issue. She was adamant about a particular pastor to officiate the ceremony. He explained later that when he told the clergy that he would not marry her if she didn’t sign the agreement, the pastor tried to manipulate him by telling him ‘let God handle it.”Jackson said that the pastor made it clear that he didn’t believe in prenuptial agreements.

“God is telling me to put the pen in her hand and make her sign this godd*mn prenu. I take care of many people and never gonna let one woman control all the hard works I’ve done in my life. None of these mo’fukaz was in the gym with me. So I told myself, whoever I’m married to, she is signing a prenup from top. It’s not even a second guess


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