The Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Apostle John Okoriko has dismissed the age-long belief of Marine Spirits in rivers and oceans as false.

He also expressed that spiritual principalities on land and air do not have existence, arguing that a course would have been assigned to captains and pilots on how to relate with them.

Okoriko disclosed this during an interactive session with journalists at the Head Stone Terbanacle of Solid Rock Kingdom Church in Uyo, on Sunday.

According to him, principalities refer to sovereign authorities, people in principal positions of governance, and other institutions including the Presidents, Governors, judges, Heads of political and religious institutions.

He further maintained that the bible’s reference to principalities and powers meant the daily battle between the people and their rulers in the world whose powers determine their welfare, health, economy, and education.

“Ephesians. 6:12 refers to spiritual wars by saying that there is only one spiritual power and that belongs to Jesus Christ. ” Titus 3:1, only those He gives that power can use it and that he wouldn’t give it to be used against us, rather it is to be exercised on physical and natural creatures”

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The clergyman said that it was only in religious settings that those terms were incorrectly applied to spiritualities, explaining that power refers to abilities and authority to do anything or exercise any form of authority over others.

Asked to explain the practice of falling under the anointing and rolling on the floor during deliverance session, the Apostle maintained that people only fall because of orientation, indoctrination, and a practice that they are used to, adding that a person who does not believe in the doctrine of falling would never fall even in a church that everyone is falling.

“Those people have been taught, indoctrinated, and told that they are supposed to fall under a certain atmosphere and when that atmosphere is present, they could respond to it.

“In the catholic church, for example, people do not fall because that is not the doctrine there. In my church, people don’t fall, and no matter the energy you put it, may be difficult to just wave hands for people to fall here because we don’t practice that here. So it is simply indoctrination”, he affirmed.

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