Our Newspaper, as at the time of this report, was still investigating what could be the notion behind abduction by persons alleged to be agents of German government, of three Nigerian kids residing in Germany.

The kids, Wisdom, male and Jemimah, female, are 5 and 4 years old, respectively, while the toddler, Okuobong, male, is 22 months old.

According to separate accounts of the kids’ father, Itoro Solomon and mother, Blessing, problems started when on 2nd May, 2019, authorities of their daughter’s kindergarten allegedly cut her hair without any prior notice.

Mr. Solomon, in a Save-Our-Soul message he sent to the Nigerian Embassy in Germany, said, his wife went to the school the following day being 3rd May, for inquiry, but was not satisfied with the reasons given.

He alleged that on 8th May, 2019, two Policemen and two ‘Jugendamt women’ invaded their 32567 Lemgo,
Dewitzstraße 2,
Nordrhein-westfalen residence, and forcefully abducted their three children.

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According to Mrs Blessing, the alleged abductors allegedly “…injected me with deadly chemical and forcefully took my children away. They thought I was going to die”.

Preliminary investigation reveals that such children, mainly Blacks, when abducted are camped in secluded facilities under slavery conditions. While some of the enslaved children are reportedly used for unexplained purposes, some are used as salespersons at large malls and some are trafficked for various forms of servitude.

As at the time of this report, the Solomons passports and other documents, which are printed in German language, are still being investigated to ascertain their statuses.

More details later . . .