…begin collation of ‘Vote-Of-No-Confidence’ signatures for impeachment

By Ime Silas, TheProfileNewspaper

The Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state, His Excellency, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, has come under serious attacks by some young indigenes of the state who called themselves ‘Akwa Ibom Unemployed Youths Forum’, for wasting the state resources on a worship centre.

The ‘Unemployed Youths’, while describing the project as ‘useless’ in their ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ letter signed so far by Two Thousand Two Hundred and Seventeen (2,217) youths across the state, called for more endorsements from Akwa Ibomites. The youths who expressed their deep disappointments in the letter queried how a man (governor), who claimed to come from a business sector would sink billions of the state’s resources on a project that would not attract any economic value to the state.

It would be recalled that the governor had in a statement endorsed by the Media Unit of the Government House, dated 23rd February, 2021, said that the Worship Centre, which will be inaugurated in 2022, would be a sacred place that will serve as an altar for Akwa Ibom people and generations unborn.

The statement quoted Governor Udom as saying “I want to appreciate Julius Berger, what you are seeing here can challenge any engineering of any standard anywhere in the world. When you seat(sic) back you will have an understanding of the concept we have for the whole building I will give them kudos for that. Then come back to see what is buried underground, it is over 680 piles. People see a building, I don’t see a building, I see that I am raising an altar for my people and for generations yet unborn”.

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According to the release, the governor while enunciating further on the significance of the Worship Centre, said the project was of great significance to a state like Akwa Ibom, named after God and consisting of a 99% Christian population. The building, he added, will be an altar that will perpetually draw God’s pleasure and blessings to people of the state.

“If we say this is the only state named after God, then something must be there to show. I am sure God is happy and through this a lot of blessings will come from God to the entire people, even generations yet unborn in the state”, the Governor was further quoted.

Reacting, the Youths, who lambasted the governor for not telling the people of the state what economic benefits such huge investment would bring, said the worship centre was nothing but a ‘useless’ project; scorning “…he should go to hell with such a useless Worship Centre”.

Conveners of the Akwa Ibom Unemployed Youths’ Forum hinted that they intend to submit the Protest Letter to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, AKHA, during their sitting to press for the commencement of impeachment process against Governor Udom Emmanuel, where he failed to resign peacefully.

Parts of the letter read “We have just read in the news a statement credited to our governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, in which he was trying to convince Akwa Ibom people on why he had to sink billions of the State’s resources into a project that would bring absolutely, no economic benefits to the unemployed youths in particular, and the entire state in general.

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“We wish to state emphatically that the so-called Worship Centre is nothing but a useless project to the entire people of the state. We are not only disappointed, but shamefully surprised too, that a man who claims to have come from the business sector, Banking, would not sit down to evaluate a project; taking into consideration its viability, before sinking billions of the people’s money into it.

“We are unemployed today in Akwa Ibom state, not because we didn’t go to schools, or did not learn trades. We are unemployed because our governor, Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, has decided to continually impoverish us by failing to create jobs, while investing our monies wrongly.

To hell with Gov Udom’s billions of naira Worship Centre in a state where over Eight Hundred Thousand (800, 000) youths are roaming the streets looking for jobs, which have not been created by the governor. Go to city centres across Nigeria, you will find Akwa Ibom graduates doing menial jobs, riding okada, yet Gov Udom is busy building a useless Worship Centre.

“How illogical could a governor be? Granted; we come from a state with over 99% Christians. But come to think of it: who among these ‘Christians’ does not have a church denomination, where he worships his God on Sundays or any other day? Is Udom saying he is going to destroy all the Church buildings in the state so that every Christian would come to his good-for-nothing Worship Centre? Which visitor, investor, tourist or worshipper would leave his/her state and come to Akwa Ibom, invest, tour or come to worship in the state, all because of a ‘Worship Centre’?

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“Recently, the governor, after much pressure, wanted to employ just ONE THOUSAND (1000) GRADUATES AS TEACHERS. But, within few hours of opening the website for the recruitment, over TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND (25,000) GRADUATES  had filled the form. The site was forcefully shut down and up until today, even the ONE THOUSAND have not been employed by Udom Emmanuel…”

Calling for the resignation or impeachment of the governor, the Youths continued “Enough is enough. Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel has destroyed our state. It’s time for him to resign peacefully or be impeached. We call on all unemployed youths and their relatives, residing within and outside the state to append their signatures on our Vote of No Confidence Letter; copies of which shall be sent to all the 31 local government areas of the state and our social media handles.

“We need One Million Signatories as well as participants and media partners who will accompany us to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly to press same to initiate an impeachment process against the governor, where he fails to resign peacefully”.

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  1. Please technology and leave worsgip centre, for worship center can not put food on the table rather take it.

  2. Please bring in technology, spend money in ICT and leave worship center for worship center will not bring food to the table, stop wasting AKWA IBOM RESOURCES, is not called for. We needs technology, ICT firms, to grow the state economic.

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