This is Ubang community where Male and Female speak different languages. It is in Obudu Local Government Area, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

It is the only community in the world where men and women speak different languages. They also have this giant man footprint located at the top of their mountain. It is not carved by man, the people of Ubang met it this way and they believe that it’s God’s foot.

While many are surprised by Ubang’s two languages, their people have their own stories on why they are the only people with two different languages in the world.

According to them, Ubang is the first place God visited and left his footprint on the mountain as evidence. He gave them two languages and they also believe that when the children of Noah were building a tower to Heaven, Ubang man was the captain. So, God got annoyed and said because of their stubbornness, he won’t continue giving communities two languages. He stopped with the Ubang people and that’s why in the whole world, they are the only people that their men and women speak different languages.

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For example: Shoe in the Male language is Ekwawhe, while female call it Ekweabah.
A cup in the female language is Ogbala while Male call it Nkoh.

Ubang community is a tourist spot and a testimony that proves Nigeria is a tourist destination.

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