Former governor of Ekiti State; His Excellency, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has emphasized the need to embrace alternative politics as against mere political party politics in Nigeria.

Fayemi, who is also a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stated this during the National Dialogue on ‘How to Make Nigeria Work’, organized to celebrate the 60th birthday of the founding National Secretary of the Alliance for Democracy (AD); Prof. Udenta Udenta held today, also canvassed for proportional representation in the country’s polity while pursuing electoral reforms.

The former governor who posted his views on his verified Social Media accounts said “Earlier today in Abuja, I had the honour of delivering a keynote address at the National Dialogue on “How to Make Nigeria Work,” organised to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. Udenta Udenta, the founding National Secretary of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). This dialogue brought together individuals from various walks of life, all united by a shared concern for the future of our beloved nation.

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“During my address, I emphasised the importance of embracing alternative politics, not merely political alternatives that involve replacing one political party with another. Given the ongoing challenges in nation-building, my concept of alternative politics aims to move away from the adversarial, winner-takes-all politics prevalent in our time. It is imperative that we seriously consider the direction of proportional representation as we pursue electoral reform. Currently, securing 37 percent of the vote can result in gaining 100 percent of the rewards. We must also ensure that the perspectives of the remaining 63 percent are adequately represented, and everyone must be actively involved. By inclusively involving all segments of society, we can enhance Nigeria’s functionality.

“My conviction on this matter was further reinforced by the recent interview of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in The Cable. In his insightful commentary, President Obasanjo aptly observed that our liberal democracy is not effectively serving the interests of the Nigerian people and that a reevaluation is necessary. I wholeheartedly concur with his sentiment. Our political landscape has reached a juncture where we must consider alternative politics.

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For far too long, we have remained stuck in a system that rewards the victors with 100% of the power, even when they secure only a fraction of the votes. This is an inherently flawed approach. It fosters division and animosity among political adversaries and ultimately hampers our national progress. It’s time to shift our focus toward an alternative politics that is fair, just, and truly representative of the will of the people. Nonetheless, I proposed a novel approach termed “Proportional Representation”: my idea seeks to synthesise the manifestoes of all parties with significant votes into a comprehensive national agenda, from which nominees can then come in a unity government.

“In conclusion, today’s National Dialogue was a significant step forward in our collective journey to make Nigeria work. We must not merely discuss these ideas but actively work toward their realisation. Proportional representation and a commitment to collaborative governance can pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for Nigeria. Let us heed the wisdom of those who have come before us, like Professor Udenta Udenta, and embark on the path of change that our great nation so desperately needs. 

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Together, we can make Nigeria truly work for all its citizens”

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