What manner of Information Commissioner is Ini Ememobong and whose interest is he actually serving? Who planted this mole in Udom Emmanuel’s administration? And what is his mission? No matter how dear you were to the immediate past governor, no commissioner will dare try this in his government. But in all these, Governor Emmanuel continues to allow his gentle nature to supersede every considerations.

The question of “what manner of person ought ye to be” was first asked by Apostle Peter, a disciple of Jesus Christ many years ago when he noticed that there were some persons within the fold who didn’t believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Although they were among those in the fold and were seen as believers of Jesus Christ, their actions and mode of operations didn’t portray them before Apostle Peter as believers of Jesus Christ having seen all the things that have been done, hence the question. It was a timely rebuke and a call to repentance which is inline with the longsuffering of God not willing that any should perish except the sons of perdition.

Just like it happened then, today there are those in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s fold (government) who pretend to be saints but their actions show their hearts are very far away from him, and they don’t believe in his government.

A clear case of this scenario is when the supposed chief information manager of the state government, Ini Ememobong surrounds himself with those who vilify the governor and his government on a daily basis. The commissioner’s aides don’t see anything good about this administration. This action calls to question, “what manner of information manager?”.

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Although his over ambitious nature could not allowed him to complete the learning process on the rudiments of information management, but his appointment as information commissioner elicited some hope.

This was based on false impression of a seemingly good performance as the publicity secretary of PDP in Akwa Ibom. His reign so far has witnessed the worst display by a chief information manager in the history of Akwa Ibom.

The question now is, in whose interest is Ini Ememobong the commissioner for information? Why are the same people who work hand in gloves with him, and who praise the commissioner to high heavens; yes the ones abusing and attacking his boss the governor, call him all kinds b of unprintable names?

What is more shocking is that these are the people in the commissioner’s media team. He sees all these things written against his boss, and approves them for publication on different media platforms. What manner of information commissioner is Ini Ememobong?

Since he came on board last year, the information management of the state government has completely been messed up. The evil writers in the state now have a field day to feast on the governor and his administration every day. But sadly, these are information commissioner’s right hand men.

It is however important to ask here; whose interest the information commissioner is serving in the state executive council that his own media team is the one leading the attack on the governor? How can he be a saint in an administration described by his Man Friday, Ubong Sampson to be evil? Or how can he do so well without fault in a government that the governor has syphoned all the money as explained by another of his allies, Ekemini Simon? Ini must be a magician to silence all critics about himself in a government that has not done performed well enough, according to Samuel Ayara, a staff of Akwa Ibom broadcasting Corporation (AKBC).

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Is it not baffling that every media scavenger who abuses and insults the governor on a regular bases are those in the commissioner for information’s media team? He draw up funds from this same government they demonize to pay and cultivate them monthly.

Are you in doubt about it? Doubt not because the recent media familiarization between those working with the CPS to the governor, Mr Ekerette Udo and those with information commissioner revealed that the likes of Ekemini Simon, Ubong Sampson, Samuel Ayara, Idongesit Ashameri and many others including publishers who publish libellous reports about the governor and his government were those Ini Ememobong presented as the Commissioner’s media team members.

Why is Ini Ememobong and his gang bent on destroying this government? What offense did the governor committed by appointing him commissioner? Why must this good Governor be destroyed by all means? Who is directly or indirectly benefitting from this media onslaught against the Governor?

When Charles Udo was informameanspiritedcommissioner, nobody dared the governor and remain his friend. Because he understands that there will be no Charles Udoh as Information commissioner without Governor Udom Emmanuel. And anyone who dares the governor dares him and cannot be his friend.

It was this same Ini Ememobong who hid under certain guises and sponsored all kinds of attack on information management of government as an insider to make his predecessor look incompetent while pretending to be the angel of light. As a listening leader, the governor hearkened and Charles Udoh was sent to the Environment Ministry and the so called ‘Game Changer’ himself was invited to manage information. Today, the rest is history.

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During that familiarization meeting, it was very clear that the commissioner was actually building a time bomb against the governor. Ubong Sampson boldly said that being in the Commissioner’s media team doesn’t mean that he will not attack the governor. He maintained he shows Ini Ememobong what he writes before publishing and he advises on the one that should not be published.
It therefore means Commissioner Ememobong sees and approves all the attacks on the governor by Ubong Sampson, Ekemini Simon, Samuel Ayara and others. Again, what manner of Information Commissioner is this? He should be reminded that this is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

This evil conspiracy to hold the Governor to ransom in 2023 will not work. It will not place him on any advantage position as he will soon be consumed with his gang in their conspiracy if he doesn’t repent.

The Commissioner should seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness by serving his boss faithfully, and all other things shall be added unto him in 2023. Assembling media assailants to ambush the governor during injury or critical times will amount to nothing Only God will make way for the carrier of the Divine Mandate to complete all on the Completion Agenda for the good of Akwa Ibom people.

© Micheal Joseph Okon