An Akwa Ibom-born International Gospel music artiste cum Pastor, Nathaniel Bassey has opened up on why he doesn’t charge people who invite him for performance.

He said: “So if Someone says he’s led by the Spirit to bless a Pastor, that’s no problem with it at all. It’s my conviction and consecration to not discuss charges with people. And why do I do that?

How much can I place on my gift? Because I understand that my Ministry is Twofold; Primarily, to Minister unto the Lord. That’s the first calling of every music Minister. And then Minister unto the People of God.

“So this is the way it works, as you Minister to him, he then sings through you over his people. So my understanding has always been; that if a church invites me to come and minister, they’re doing two things. Firstly, Come and minister to God and then to his people.

My own understanding is, I can’t charge God to minister to him, how much did he charge me for his blood on Calvary? I mean, the blood that is the very reason for my Ministry. Though it’s a personal consecration it has worked for me. So why leave what is working?

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I am a living testimony by God’s grace of what it means to be on God’s Payroll.

Three weeks ago, I felt led in my heart to bless some people. I don’t Charge a dime but I gave out in one day. I gave my keyboardist and my P.A one car each. I’m trusting God that very soon, I’ll start giving out houses. See, God has to use some people to show that he’s a good God”.

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