1. Facilitating employment for over 200 indigenes of  Mkpat Enin in the private and public sectors, regardless of the clan they come from, and still counting.

2. Construction of Ekong Sampson Unity Hall (Mkpat Enin Unity Hall) in Mkpat Enin Local Government Secretariat 

3. Remodeling and reconstruction of the Divisional Police Headquarters in Mkpat Enin Urban

4. Electrification of Ikot Ayan and Ikot Osung Otuk in Ikpa Ibom Clan.

5. Construction of Health centre in Ikot Inyang Okob, Odoro Ikot Community in Ikpa Ibom.

6. Helping on consolidation of the establishment of the Akwa Ibom State University, with main campus in Ikot Akpaden, in Ikpa Ibom.

7. Openly fighting for the creation of additional wards in Ikpa Ibom Ward 3 – the largest ward in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area with 14 villages. Onomkpoinam believes that ward creation should be based on equity and need, not selfishness.

8. Construction of School complexes in Ikot Ekong, Ikot Ukwa, Ikot Akpa Ekop, in Ikpa Ibom Clan.

9. Construction of almost half of the market stalls in Akpudo Market, in Ibiaku Clan.

10. Actively supported the construction of Ikot Ekpe – Minya Road in Ukpum Minya, and other roads in the area.

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11. Spreading political appointments throughout the four clans of Mkpat Enin

12. Construction of mini bridge in Ibianga-Asana, Ikpa Ikono Clan.

13. Massive electrification projects in many communities in Ikpa Ikono Clan.

14. Remodeling and Reconstruction of Asan Iffe(Clan Centre) in Ikpa Ikono Clan

15. Establishment and running tuition free for years, of Excellence College, Ikot Unya (Ikpa Ikono) – one of the best schools in the State at the moment 

16. Purchase of 18-seater Coaster Bus for National Youth Council of Nigeria, Mkpat Enin Chapter

17. Purchase of Vehicles for all the Clan Heads of the four clans of Mkpat Enin & Provision of Water Facilities in their palaces

18. Construction of School Block in Ikot Akpa Ekop in Ikpa Ibom Clan

19. Provision Water Facilities in Ikpa Akpa Ekop(Ikpa Ibom), Akpudo Market (Ibiaku), Revitalization at Ukam Market(Ikpa Ibom)

20. Gave money for the purchase of land and initiated the Construction of the PDP Permanent Secretariat in Mkpat Enin, in addition to constant regular supports to the party.

21. Remodeling and reconstruction of Uyio Isong House, Mkpat Enin Local Government Secretariat.

22. Remodeling and reconstruction of Health Centre, Ikot Eda, Ikpa Ikono Clan

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23. Construction of Ukpum Minya Clan Centre, in Ikot Ekpuk, Ukpum Minya

24. Remodeling and reconstruction of Health centre, Ikot Idiong, Ibiaku

24. Water Facilitiies in Ikot Obong Ukam, Ikpa Ibom, Ikot Obio Akwa, Ukpum Minya, Secondary School, Nya Odiong in Ibiaku, Ikot Akpaden, Ikpa Ibom, Ikot Ekop in Ukpum Minya Clan, Ikot Unya, Ikot Essen, Ikot Obio Nso, in Ikpa Ikono Clan

25. Electrification of Ikot Ekpenyong – headquarters of the old Ibiakono 

26. Enhancement and improvement of stipends to royal fathers and town-criers 

27. Provision of over 70 vehicles to indigenes

28. Donation of over 7million naira for provision of materials and intervention projects for indigenes of Mkpat Enin during the COVID-19 lockdown

29. Facilitating the spread of political appointments across the four clans of Mkpat Enin for social justice

30. Opening of the Ikot Ekpe – Iton, and surrounding roads

31. Donation of books and teaching aids worth millions of naira to schools in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area.

32. Provision of education support grants and scholarships to many Mkpat Enin indigenes within and outside Nigeria

33. Periodic health interventions and provision of business grants through the Ekong Sampson Empowerment Programme(ESEP) to many indigenes of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area 

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34. Championed an equitable power sharing arrangement to ensure that all the clans are represented 

35. Massively rehabilitated collapsed portion of Ibekwe – Ikot Akpaden road at Esa Ekpo which had cut Mkpat Enin into two for a long time.

36. Provision of Transformers to Minya Community 

37. Facilitated the entering of UBA into Mkpat Enin when he was Chairman of Council 

38. Convened the historic  Mkpat Enin Investment Colloquium which explored opportunities in Mkpat Enin.

39. Has been spearheading the recognition of Ikot Akpa Ekop by the Federal Government and other big players as the community where oil was first discovered in Nigeria for deserving appropriate development.

40. Provision of over 100 motorcycles to party men and women.

41. Lived among his people in Mkpat Enin cheerfully throughout the years he was Chairman of Council and it is on record as attending functions very frequently in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, both for the high and low.

  …and many other projects.

Yet, for all these achievements and the high offices he has held, Senator Ekong Sampson has never in his humility, called himself Political Leader!