By Ime Silas

Youths of Oruk Anam local government area under the auspices of Progressive Oruk Anam Movement, POAM, have adopted Mr. Emmanuel Essien as their sole aspirant for the forthcoming Oruk Anam State Constituency election. The endorsement was pronounced during the formal inauguration of the group held yesterday, Tuesday, 19th April, 2022 in Oruk Anam local government area.

The President of Oruk Anam Progressives Youth Movement, Comrade Akaninyene Elijah Akpan, while performing the endorsement rites thanked President Buhari for signing the Electoral Act into Law. Comrade Akaninyene noted that with the new electoral laws, the powers of electing leaders for all facets of leadership had been returned to the people.

Akaninyene said “Today, I make bold to say that Oruk Anam people would soon have a legislator they freely elect for themselves. It is no longer news that those that have been going to the State House of Assembly have been going there to make laws that favour their selfish interests. In fact, they don’t even make laws; they only threaten the executive and monies enter their bank accounts.


But this is the first time we are going send someone to the hallowed chamber of the Akwa Ibom State Assembly and he would represent us well.

“Why am I so confident? It is because of his track record. As a Supervisory Councilor for Education in Oruk Anam local government area, Hon Emmanuel Essien ensured that the education sector here had a facelift. As Supervisory Councilor for Agriculture, he impacted positively and brought about series of life-touching programmes for the rural farmers. Till today, Emmanuel Essien remains one of the best, if not the best, and most closer Council Secretary to the people at the grassroots.

“I have to thank His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Electoral Act into Law. Why I’m thanking the President is that, by the new Electoral law, popular candidates who are closer to the people would easily win elections. So, endorsing Emman today, we are sure he will win the election.

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We can only pray that the APC which is poised to winning the 2023 elections should allow for level playing field so that popular aspirants like Emmanuel Essien would not only emerge as candidates of the party, but would go ahead to win the main elections”.

In his acceptance speech, the House of Assembly hopeful, Emmanuel Essien thanked the Oruk Anam youths for finding him fit for the job.

He said “Today is a very great day in my life. I feel greatly humbled by this show of love as you symbolized in this endorsement. One thing that really struck me today is knowing that whatever you do while serving the people, the same people are watching you.

You may divert their money for your personal use thinking that you are fooling them. But, a day of reckoning always lurks around and today is that day of reckoning for me.

“I want to say categorically that I have wholeheartedly with profound appreciation, accepted this call for service which you all freely make today through this endorsement. One thing is sure: I will win the forthcoming 2023 election and represent you in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

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One thing that would really motivate me to speak and act advantageously for you in the hallowed chamber is the fact that again, my people are watching me, and in due time they shall reward me with another greater leadership responsibility. I thank you and assure you that you would never regret endorsing me today and working for me to win the election and represent you in the State Assembly, come 2023″

Earlier, executive members of POAM were inaugurated by their Legal Adviser, Barr Richard Umoren.