The Rector of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua, Dr Moses Umobong, has congratulated the Akwa Ibom State Governor Elect, Pastor Umo Eno, on the occasion of his 59th birthday celebration.

In a statement signed by the Rector on behalf of the Polytechnic’s Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students, Dr Umobong thanked God for His many blessings and benevolence in the life of Pastor Umo Eno, describing the success story of the Governor-Elect as an inspiring testimony of his hardwork, determination, commitment, dedication, courage and faith in God.

According to the Rector, at 59, there are many reasons to be thankful for what God has done in the life of Pastor Umo Eno, especially on his emergence as the next Governor of the state from May 29, 2023, noting that despite the many challenges and obstacles that has come his way, the Governor-Elect’s ability to surmount and overcome them with grace points to God’s divine will for him and the state and reiterated the determination of the Polytechnic to key into his Arise Agenda especially as his policies is in consonance with the mandate, vision and mission of the Polytechnic.

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“On behalf of the Polytechnic’s Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students, I congratulate you on the occasion of your 2023 birthday. The Polytechnic community is proud to be associated with a man like you whose history bears eloquent testimony and a shinning example of a successful entrepreneur and business man”.

“Your business ideology and most importantly, your Arise Agenda for Akwa Ibom State especially on entrepreneural development, Small and Medium Enterprise, Skill Acquisition, enhanced technical capacity for self empowerment and capacity building is in consonance with the Polytechnic’s core mandate of producing highly competitive middle-level manpower that can nurture ideas for sustainable development and promote creativity and scientific innovations which will aid regional, national, economic, industrial and technological development”.

“While wishing you a happy 2023 birthday celebration, the Polytechnic Community remains committed to partnering with you from May 29, 2023 to not only advance technological education and innovation, but help educate, train and develop a pool of middle class entrepreneurs who will emulate you by starting small and growing big to become employers of labour themselves so as to achieve your vision for the State”.

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Dr Umobong said he has no doubt that Pastor Umo Eno as Governor will bring his wealth of experience to bear in the education sector and support Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic to remain a world class center of excellence in technological education and innovation and strive to ensure the fortunes of the institution continues to positively grow so as to ensure that Akwapoly maintains its place of pride as the destination of choice among Polytechnic’s in Nigeria.

The Rector prayed for God’s grace upon the Governor Elect and wished him a happy 59th birthday celebration.