By Sanni Abdullahi, TheProfileNews, Abuja

An American-based Nigerian has lashed out on the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, for allegedly exposing citizens of the country to the dangers of killer Corona Virus, which is also know as Covid-19.

Adewale Kehinde, who expressed his anger at the President today, in a message he sent to his relatives and other Nigerians in Abuja, said the lackadaisical attitude of the nation’s leadership posed a serious health threat to citizens.

Adewale, while also reacting to the news of infection of former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakaar’s son, as well as other Nigerians so far, hinted that it would take the grace of God for his siblings and other compatriots to be safe.

Parts of his message read: “It is sad that the Covid-19 has finally crept into our country, Nigeria. There can’t be any danger worst than this because the country has the worst medical infrastructure, anywhere in the world”

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On why President Buhari should be blamed, he said: “Knowing the poor state of hospitals in Nigeria, President Buhari wouldn’t have waited for people to import the disease from European and Asian countries.

In spite of sophisticated healthcare infrastructure and personnel here in the States, America is still hit hard.

“It’s therefore a manifestation of negligence, poor leadership and a disregard to Nigerians’ lives that the President ignored earlier calls for the closure of borders and restrictions of flights from affected countries…President Buhari should be blamed for death of any Nigerian as a result of Coronavirus.”

He charged his siblings and Nigerians in general to apply safety measures to stay safe.