...says it’s a colonial tag

Ngugi wa Thiongo formerly James Ngugi Thiongo dropped his English name which he called ‘colonial tag’ and penned many books and mainly on colonialism and neo-colonialism.His literary works majored on preservation of African Culture and Identity.
Truly Ngugi is a prolific writer,the East African lead author.
Ngugi Wa Thiongo literary works include;
1.A Grain of Wheat
2.The River Between
3.Weep Not,Child
4.Petals of Blood
5.Wizard of the Crow
6.Devil on the Cross
7.Decolonising the Mind
8.Dreams in the Time of War
9.In the House of Interpreter
10.Wrestling with the Devil (prison memoir)
11.The Remnants (Matigari)
12Birth of dream weaver
13.Something Torn and New
14.Minutes of Glory and other stories
15.The Perfect
16.Moving the Centre
17.Trial of Dedan Kimathi
18.The language of languages
19.I will marry When I Want

  1. The Black Hermit
  2. To stir the Heart
    22 The Upright Revolution
    23.Secret lives and other stories
    24 Globalectics-politics and theories
    25.Penpoints,Gunpoints and Dreams
    26.Homecoming,Essays on African and Carribean Literature,Culture and Politics
    27.In the Name of the Mother-Reflections
    To his name,Literary giant Ngugi Wa Thiongo.