By Emmanuel Ufon

The Youths of Ubium North under the auspices of Ubium North Youth Forum have warned selfish politicians from Ubium South political zone in Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State not to use the name of Senator Effiong Bob as escape route on their misfortune which they are facing as a result of their selfish motive.

This was contained in a communique jointly signed by thirty delegates of the area after the general congress of the forum on Thursday.

Part of the Communique reads: “We have observed with dismay that each time there is a political miscalculation on the part of the people of Ubium South, they blame their misfortune on the people of Ubium North. This is no longer acceptable to us.

“The recent case where stakeholders of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area at the Caucus meeting decided to zone the chairmanship position of the Local Government Council to Nsit based on party directives only for the people of Ubium South to blame it on Senator Effiong Bob calls for serious concern.

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” Our findings show that they were advised to put their house in order but they refused due to selfish ambition, we have it on good authority that before the meeting of August 3, 2020, leaders of Ubium South met with Senator Bob and the position of the party was put across to them together with the reasons for the decision and they all accepted to what was put forward. It is therefore not acceptable to us on their passing of the buck.

“Perhaps, they realized that they had failed as leaders but not wanting to take responsibility for their failures, they sought their escape route. Senator Effiong Bob is certainly not going to be their escape route this time around.

” The people of Ubium South should rise up and ask their leaders how they messed up their chances. As far as we are concerned, it is a failure leadership occasioned by selfish considerations.

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“If their leaders failed to tell them the truth because they had failed on their responsibility as leaders but chose to pursue selfish consideration we wish to inform them that they were part of the decision. If they have changed their mind now, well, the deed has been done.

” The zoning of political office has never been a one-man affair. We call on the Leaders of Ubium South to leave Senator Effiong Bob alone as we the youths of Ubium North will no longer tolerate a situation where the failure of Ubium South is blamed on our leaders”.