Yesterday Friday December 29, 2023 will remain evergreen in the minds of thousands of people from EBIGHE CLAN of Eket and Esit Eket Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State, with the consent of their kits and kins from other parts of the State.

It was EBIGHE DAY. A day the Ebighe Clan celebrated its aboriginal existence within the conglomerated Clans of the Ekid Nation and the Ibibio race at large.
The event took place at Ikot Odiong Village, the aboriginal home of Ebighe Clan.

Colourful in the display of cultural troups, ancestral antiquities and historical road map of the ancient, the day was marked to lead the future generation EBIGHE people into a tomorrow of certainty.

In his opening remarks, Chairman of the occasion and Clan Head of Ekid Offiong in Esit Eket Local Government Area, His Highness, Nsoduok Etteudo John Ikot, said that Ebighe Clan has kits and kindreds scattered all over Akwa Ibom State as a result of domestic wars and adventurism and that the celebration was initiated to bring all “family members” of Ebighe Clan into self realization, oneness, development and concerted efforts towards modernization.

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Speakers after speaker, enumerated the importance of the day and called on Ebighe people all over the State to come awake of the day and join in creating awareness for the 2024 edition.

Chairman central planning Committee of the event, Obongiwaad Godwin Nku said that EBIGHE 2023 was a “Bell Ringing” event meant to send a message of brotherhood to Ebighe people all over the world, adding that the 2024 edition will be aired on International cable networks for tourism.

Abong Itauma Mbong Itauma, a prominent son of Ebighe Clan was the engine man behind the success of the event.

The colourful event was made more colourful by the presence of the Village Head of Ikot Odiong, Chief Odiong Samuel Effiong, Abong Unyongmkpo, Village Head of Edo-Atai and Chairman Edo group of Villages, Abong Friday Idimudo, Village Head of Idung Ekpedemudo, Otuekong Kingsley Ubokudom and Village Heads from other communities, Youth leaders, Women Leaders and Chairmen of Village Councils among others.

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