Skit maker, MC Mbakara has relieved his early days’ difficult experiences, praising his wife for standing by him through thick and thin.

He said; “So there was this point in our life, in our career where they said comedy was not a job, MC was not a job, so they gave me a teacher’s job to be a teacher, you know, we were always running back home to go and beg our parents for food.

You know her parents advised her to talk to me to go and look for a job. You know I have been even doing this thing since 2006. And so it was quiet crazy for us. She said she just allowed me to do my stuff, so she kept supporting me, you know, so we practically ran to my parents for food. For more than three years or four years, five years, we kept running back for food. We were married but we couldn’t [feed properly], you know. And I was working, but how much could sustain us as a stand-up comedian?

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Today we live a life where we can afford everything we want, so… The story is different now. We bought our parents cars, built houses for them and all of that”.