…vow to volunteer efforts towards his emergence as governor

By Ime Silas

As the contest for who emerges as governor of Akwa Ibom state come May 29, 2023 continue to gather momentum, youths of Akwa Ibom state have identified one man they said understood their problems and knew how to solve them.

Acting under the auspices of Ibom Youths for Chris Ekong 2023 (IYCE), the youths comprising males and females yesterday, Tuesday thronged the Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo-home of the Professor of Economics to register their support and solidarity for his governorship aspiration. IYCE, according to its leader is a platform for all beneficiaries of Prof Chris’ sociopolitical interventions.

Prof. Chris Ekong, a lecturer at the University of Uyo who is popularly known as ‘Otrico’, is contesting for the governorship of Akwa Ibom state on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Addressing newsmen immediately after the solidarity visit, Acting President of IYCE, Mr. Edu Robert Nkanga who spoke on behalf of his colleagues noted that their action was informed by their resolve to reward Otrico for impacting their lives in various ways while he served the state as Commissioner for Youth and Sports and later, Commissioner for Economic Development.

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Mr. Nkanga said “We were here to register our full support and solidarity for the 2023 governorship aspiration of our mentor and benefactor, Prof. Chris Ekong alias Otrico. If you take a look at all of us, you would agree that we are from different parts of the state.

We were here to, not only declare our support for a man who has the capacity to govern this state and deliver it from the current economic quacmire, but also to solidarise a man who used his position as Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sports and later, Commissioner for Economic Development to create lifelines for us and thousands of other Akwa Ibom youths”.

Speaking further Nkanga maintained that but for the former Chief Economic Adviser to the State government’s interventions, they probably would’ve still been counted amongst unemployed youths in the State.

He continued “Amongst us here are holders of various University degrees and are gainfully employed. Some of us are business men and women. We also have some political office holders amongst us. There are also some of us here who had keyed into the various talent-development schemes that were available during Prof. Chris Ekong’s time as Commissioner.

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So, after considering other aspirants for the governorship position (of Akwa Ibom state), we have come to the conclusion that Prof. Chris Ekong is the only, amongst all of them them who understands the problems of the youths. And because he understands the problems, he knows the solutions and has the capacity to solve them. That’s why we have started mobilizing the Youths and indeed, the voting populace of the state to work towards his emergence as governor, come 2023″.

Earlier in his brief remarks, Prof Ekong who said he was shocked by their show of solidarity noted that their action had further emboldened him to press on towards the actualization of his governorship dream.

“…my dream has always been to help the Youths to be self-reliant. Let me be very frank with you, most of all those things I did in my capacity as Commissioner didn’t always come from my personal pocket. Though there were instances I would have to use my personal money to facilitate some of those youth-friendly interventions, most times, all that were required were just ideas.

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So, those ideas are still fresh in me. All I need is just an opportunity to roll them out for the betterment of Akwa Ibom youths and indeed, the entire Akwa Ibomites.

“I thank you sincerely for this show of support. Today is not a day for long speeches. I shall soon call you again for us to meet and fashion ways we can ensure the actualization of this project, which of course, is for the betterment of all”.