In the realm of politics, the ability to lead with conviction and dedication is a rare quality inherent in phenomenal leaders. This is very obvious in the case of Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ukpong-udo, the esteemed representative of the people of Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency; despite the lingering litigation over his election victory, his commitment to the people has not wavered. Since the resumption of his second term in office, the Ikono-born member of the country’s legislature has resumed where he left off in the first term with transformative programmes that continue to leave an indelible mark on the lives of constituents.

Upon resuming office, the parliament member took a proactive approach by personally expressing gratitude to over 24,000 members of the electorate for their overwhelming support during his re-election campaign. A notable highlight of his constituency-wide appreciation tour was an empowerment drive, which saw tens of thousands receiving financial grants. This immediate action demonstrated a genuine understanding that the people had entrusted him with a mandate to serve their interests.

In a short span of seven months, the Lawmaker has successfully implemented various programmes that have had an immediate impact on the lives of his constituents. One of the standout achievements is the relaunch of his entrepreneurship development programme, the Macaire Enterprise Development Scheme, a visionary initiative that has empowered more than 150 indigenes in the constituency to not only realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, but has created an environment where they have been able to count and generate their first millions of Naira.

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Education, a cornerstone of societal progress, has not been neglected. The parliament member has championed scholarship awards for over 100 students at secondary and tertiary education levels within the constituency, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of knowledge and personal development. This commitment to education is a testament to his belief in empowering the next generation and creating a sustainable future in Ikono and Ini Local Government Areas.

Infrastructure development has been another key focus area, with the lawmaker overseeing the execution of various projects that enhance the overall quality of life within the constituency. These projects range from the completion of new classroom blocks in as many as 6 schools, to new roads and town halls, to the development of public spaces through the installation of solar streetlights, as well as supporting various other building projects.

Rep. Ukpong-udo has also demonstrated a sustained concern for healthcare by maintaining a welfare programme he instituted specifically for pregnant women and their newborns. This initiative reflects an understanding of the importance of maternal and child health and highlights his commitment to ensuring the well-being of some of the most vulnerable members of the community – now approaching 2,000 beneficiaries (mothers and babies).


Beyond these monumental achievements, the Lawmaker has also tackled the issue of unemployment head-on. He has helped to reduced unemployment rates in the constituency and increased opportunities through the facilitation of new employment opportunities within his office (as Aides), as well as in government ministries and agencies for over 100 indigenes. For instance, within the last 6 months alone, over 30 indigenes have been offered employment in the Civil Defense, the Army and the Immigration Service.

This is only but a brief of the gigantic dividends in 7 of the past 55 months of unprecedentedly phenomenal representation in the annals of Ikono-Ini history. The new dispensation is still at its infancy, yet Ukpong-udo has gone about his statutory responsibilities at full throttle. Where many in his shoes would have been deterred by litigations surrounding his election victory, he has exhibited remarkable resilience and focus on his duty to serve the people who placed their trust in him. The tangible results achieved in this short time underscore his dedication to his constituents, and undoubtedly makes a compelling case for their continued support.

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Following the ruling of court and the impending rerun elections, it is crucial to reiterate the need for the Ikono-Ini people to support a leader who, even at a time of legal controversies, has quietly focused on improving their lives. Rep. Ukpong-udo has seemingly preferred to allow the impactful and life-touching programmes speak louder than the detractors’ noise of litigation.

In the coming weeks and months, Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency will do well to rally behind a man who has consistently delivered on promises and has proven his commitment to their prosperity. In doing so, they will not only be ensuring that the momentum of positive change in the constituency continues unabated, but they will also be preserving a phenomenal legacy of remarkable progress that has taken root over the past 4 years.

Daniel Etiowo writes from Ini LGA