The Transition Committee Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, Hon. Mercy Bassey has launched a Back-To-Farm Initiative aimed at tackling food insecurity in the area.

Lady Bassey launched the initiative on Wednesday, March 13, at the Local Government Council Secretariat with the distribution of 500 high quality cassava stem bundles, 187 bags of maize, 445 sachets of okra, 450 grams of pepper and, Melon seeds to farmers across the 87 Gazetted villages in the Local Government Area.

In her remarks, Lady Bassey noted that the initiative was a further interpretation of Governor Umo Eno’s ARISE Agenda on Agriculture by helping farmers in the local government boost their productivity.

“This initiative underscores our dedication to promoting sustainable agriculture, food security, and economic empowerment within our locality.

“By encouraging a return to the farm, we strive to not only cultivate crops but also sow the seeds of prosperity for our farmers and the community at large.

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“Additionally, I wish to take this moment to encourage our farmers to unite and form cooperatives that will be duly registered with the government. By doing so, we open doors to a multitude of opportunities, including easier access to loans and grants.

“This cooperative approach will not only strengthen our collective bargaining power but also enhance our ability to navigate the various support systems available both at the national and state levels of governance

“I urge each of you to embrace this opportunity, to till the land with determination, and to harness the potential that lies within our agricultural heritage. Let us work hand in hand to transform Mkpat Enin into a thriving hub of agricultural excellence.

“Together, as a united Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, we can ensure the success of the “Back to Farm Initiative” and contribute significantly to the realization of Governor Umo Eno’s vision for a prosperous and self-sufficient Akwa Ibom State,” she said.

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Earlier in his welcome address, the Director of Agriculture, Mr. Akaninyene Desmond, noted that the initiative was carefully planned to ensure that as much people that were genuinely interested in returning to the farm were supported with seedlings to take advantage of the new planting season.

Mr. Desmond commended the Transition Committee Chairman for having the vision and the will to undertake the initiative, which he noted was in furtherance of Governor Umo Eno’s ARISE Agenda and call for Akwa Ibom people to return to the farm.

In their separate remarks, some of the beneficiaries thanked the Transition Committee Chairman for the initiative which they noted will go a long way to improve their productivity, promising that they will commit to the cultivation of the farm produce in order to help tackle food insecurity in the area.

Highlight of the event was the planting on the demonstration farm by Lady Bassey.

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